Found this little beauty on the E! website (hat tip @kellyconaboy) to illustrate the following headline: “Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Killed; Manhunt Ongoing for Accomplice, City on Lockdown—Celebs React” CITY ON LOCKDOWN — CELEBS REACT. Celebs react. I AM ABOUT TO REACT! Nuts. We are nuts. I genuinely hope and pray for the safety of the people of Boston, but I want everyone at E! to get just a little bit of food poisoning. Nothing too serious, but definitely some vomiting AND diarrhea. Celebs react. ARGO FUCK YOURSELF. Incidentally, it’s not even like E! went out and asked celebs how they were holding up and whether or not they had any friends or family in Boston and if everyone was OK. It’s just a ROUND UP OF CELEBRITY TWEETS. Holy moly. Billy Corgan was right, though, the world IS a vampire. OBVIOUSLY OUR THOUGHTS ARE WITH ELIZA DUSHKU’S SOCIAL MEDIA FANS DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME. Then again, I guess it’s kind of reassuring. Like, how bad could it be? The photo makes it look kind of bad, but then also Alec Baldwin in-set LOL. It reminds you that the world is just going to keep doing what the world does best: be horrible most of the time, with tiny little glimpses of brightness and joy. Why am I even criticizing E! anyways? They are just being E! Would I criticize the sun or the rain for ROUNDING UP CELEBRITY TWEETS ABOUT AN ON-GOING TERRORIST NIGHTMARE? Maybe. Today maybe yeah actually. Celebs react. #America

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  1. My honest first reaction when I saw the names was “Thank goodness they’re not Muslim, we don’t need more fuel for that fire” and then I saw they were from Chechnya, and first there’s a big “Woops, they were Muslim” followed by “Chechen terrorists? Is this the 90s??” followed by an insane and irrational hope that this is all part of a crazy Kremlin scheme to justify asserting more control over Chechnya because Soviet boogeymen were kind of more funny than scary (unless you were Ukrainian or Chechen, or Azerbaijani, or, or, or, etc) and states can be controlled, whereas terrorists acting on behalf of their own personal and individual beliefs cannot.

    Sooo… those were my reactions? #celebrities

    • They said on the news a couple days ago that in the 1970′s a group of Chechens set off a pressure cooker bomb in NYC that killed the cop in charge of defusing the bomb. Supposedly the motive was “to prove a point.” Ugh.

      • Did you see their uncle’s press conference? He called them losers and said their father (his brother) worked very hard to put bread on the table by fixing cars, and that they brought shame to the family. He was really angry.

        • I’ve been watching the live feed from Abcnews since I’ve gotten to work. I feel bad for that family because all the blame and anger will be heaped on them. Guilt by association.

        • I love this guy. He is basically telling everyone to stop stereotyping an entire group of people and stop harassing his family. I completely agree with him.

    • My worry (E! notwithstanding, which, great post Gabe) was, when I heard about a shooting on the MIT campus, was “please don’t let this be Aaron Swartz related in some dumb way”. So I was relieved (?!?) to find out that it wasn’t. I guess.

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  2. “Stop worshipping celebrities so much. Just don’t pay attention. I remember right around September 11, Ja Rule was on MTV. Thats what they said. “We got Ja Rule on the phone. Lets see what Ja’s thoughts are on this tragedy.” Who gives a fuck what Ja Rule thinks at a time like this? This is ridiculous. I don’t wanna dance. I’m scared to death. I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now.”
    Dave Chappelle

  3. I’m fine with this. What happened is major news. E! can’t just ignore it. But they also can’t just ignore the fact that they only exist for celebrity gossip garbage. That’s what they do; their options are pretty limited. This seems like a harmless response.

    I mean, let’s face it: if there were a video that somehow discussed the bombing while also involving a trampoline accident, you would be ALL OVER IT.

  4. It’s posts like these that are why I love Videogum. I am very concerned for everyone in Boston right now. A close friend’s boyfriend lives in Watertown and it is very scary. It comes off as really tasteless to be concerned about what a bunch of fucking celebrities are tweeting about the whole situation. I think it would be better for garbage (and really, lets be honest, essentially worthless) channels like E! to just NOT comment on the situation in any way since it is so far out of their jurisdiction of coverage. Either cut to a stream from a news network, or do something else sincere, or don’t do anything at all. Don’t do bullshit celeb coverage of the situation.

    • This makes sense. That is what I would like to see- E! anchorspeople saying, “We have nothing sincere or relevant to say right now… Let’s go to [reliable news source] for the latest…”

      But it’s sad to think there are people getting their news from E!. Is there such people? And was I supposed to put a period after E! when it already is punctuated? Not the time to ask I know.

  5. I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. I actually jumped at the chance to do the middle of the night baby feeding, because I could guiltlessly check the news. What about you guys?

    • Surprisingly, I didn’t know about it until I woke up to go to work. If I hadn’t checked news apps and work e-mail I would’ve stupidly gone into Boston and then gotten stuck there.

  6. This is really lame. Obviously! But if we’re looking for a silver lining (or, to be honest, a pewter lining at best), we live in a world where most “real” news outlets have a disturbing amount of celebrity “news” coverage so if it’s only E! doing this bullshit that’s kind of a victory? Or maybe I am just trying to be optimistic because the nightmares are just piling up a little too much.

  7. Wait a second. I’ve been reading these comments and thinking about it and I’m sorry, but I refuse to accept the argument that E! simply had to INSET A PHOTO OF ALEC BALDWIN INTO A PHOTO OF PARAMILITARY FORCES SWARMING THE STREETS OF BOSTON. You can make the claim that E! had little choice but to do something to address the situation, because in a way that is exactly what Videogum has done by criticizing E!, and on days like today no one really wants to think or talk about the things that normally provide such a welcome distraction from all of the things no one really wants to think or talk about (death, absurdity, etc). So maybe they could have just put up a post saying they, too, were thinking about what we were all thinking about, and hoping what we were all hoping, and feeling what we were all feeling, and would continue to publish their regular celebrity gossip throughout the rest of the day in the hopes that an easy distraction or the simulacrum of life going on as usual might provide some comfort to people growing weary of the bombardment of horseshit that is CNN right now. Fine. But the idea that we live in a world where there is no choice but to round up Celebrity Tweets and publish them as an additional piece of “breaking news” in relation to an on-going and horrible situation, and to write headlines like “City On Lockdown — CELEBS REACT” is garbage.

    We can do better. I will fight you all!

    • “Angry blogger assaults commenters, Internet on lockdown. Courtney Stodden Reacts.”

    • I’m with you, Gabe, it’s pretty tasteless, but I also think at this point I’m too desensitized to care. Let the garbage websites continue to be garbage.

      (though I do wish there was a way for the FCC to just shut down CNN for reporting false information as “news”)

      • Yeah, I don’t have the energy right now to get mad about garbage entertainment meant for garbage people to consume. I only have so much emotional energy, and nope, E isn’t getting any of it.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if they just aired whatever crap they intended to air in the first place.

    • Totally agree with this! Hard to believe someone in America Photoshopped that image together as their job! I hope they were thinking, I need a new job because this is bullshit.

    • i feel like if it came down to a physical fight i would kick your ass gabe, sorry.

    • I’m kinda confused, did we ever expect any semblance of integrity from the fucking E! (there’s an actual exclamation point in their name) Entertainment Network? It’s a company that makes actual, real life money on speculating whether or not Kim Kardashian’s butt’s first cousin might have gained three pounds. Or something, I’m not quite sure.

      Anyway, you can’t let E! ride your back across a river of sadness and not expect it to bite you halfway in. Then we all drown and that’s no fun for anyone.

    • Yes to all of this. I am with you on this, Gabe. Don’t fight me!

  8. Well, if we’re putting up photos of baby animals:

  9. Oh, don’t be so superior. Like we don’t want to know what Froggy Fresh and Katherine Chloe Cahoon are thinking at this difficult time? COME ON!!

  10. Look at this baby lamb!!!

  11. All I can say is, if there isn’t a Monsters Ball with highest rated comments, lowest rated comment, and editors’ favorites tonight, I’m going to be pretty upset.

    • ohmygawd I have a late lunch today and all this talk about burritos and heros are making me soooo hungry.

    • Please have some decency and think of those of us on the west coast who have like over an hour until we can take lunch. I’m literally salivating on my keyboard.

  12. Does anyone know how I can turn myself into a computer creature so I can just live in this thread instead of in the real world? And also can someone bring me some coffee and a burrito? STEAK burrito. Thanks!!!

  13. i am seriously dreading the political analysis that’s gonna be spewing for the next couple of days and weeks while the news tries to figure out how to make a logical story out of these two fucked up boys being some vanguard of chechen terrorists.

  14. I posted this the other day, but this gif never fails to make me smile:

  15. I’m just happy that nobody’s trying to pin the blame on all Muslims everywhere (on this website at least; fuck everybody who does that).

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