• Sleepy Ms. MOMA (Tilda Swinton) is on the cover of W Magazine this month looking like a beautiful weirdo. -WMagazine
  • Disney is going to release a new Star Wars film every year starting 2015. And all of your friends thought you were SO silly for wishing on every single eyelash that fell from your face. Who’s foolish now?!?! -FilmDrunk
  • Jeff Goldblum appeared on Conan last night and pointed out that Conan O’Brien has a surprising set of abs, LADIES!  -Uproxx
  • Adrienn Banhegyi, also known as “Jump Rope Girl,” is apparently the World’s Best Jump Roper. (Says the Internet?) Here’s a video of her jumping rope, YOU BE THE JUDGE! -Hypervocal
  • Universal Pictures is going to remake Weird Science. OOOH, GOOD! It’ll be produced by Joel Silver, who made the original with Hughes, and written by Project X and 21 Jump Street writer Michael Bacall. Yes yes yes, more of everything again! -Deadline
  • Transformers 4 is going to cast Chinese actors through a reality competition. If you think I’m reading anything past the headline in this one, you are wrong! I think I got it! -/Film
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  1. Budapest REPRESENT!

  2. Sorry, girl. As long as Buddy Lee is alive you will not be the best jumproper in the world.

  3. I saw Goldblum in Jurassic Park 3D over the weekend. He’s a unique individual. Glad to see he’s still as Godlblumy as ever on Conan.

    • He is obviously the best. Whenever I feel like I’m weird, I just watch Goldblum and I feel better. Not in a “he’s weirder than me and so I feel better about myself” way but a “he’s weird and so am I and everyone should just accept it and adore us” kind of way.

  4. Sweet lady Swinton! I am pleased by this, and also will purchase that magazine soon. SOON.

  5. I’ll sign on for that Weird Science remake.

  6. she must have fantastic bone density.

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