It can be hard to keep up with who the Internet loves without question and who the Internet hates without question because the Internet is always changing its mind. So let’s just do a quick gut check! I’m pretty sure the Internet still loves Nick Offerman, right? Forever, probably. But now the Internet hates Amanda Bynes? Didn’t she used to be considered cute and fun? Oh well! Patton Oswalt is currently the “Glorious Leader” of the Internet, obviously. How about Community though? Where is the Internet on Community? Donald Glover? Joel McHale? I know Alison Brie is the Internet’s favorite because she’s heard of memes. It seems like Grumpy Cat is still enjoying a moment, but he’s got to be on his way out soon, right? Does he have the staying power of Boo? Or birthday dog?! Let’s really dig into it, guys, it’s important. We can’t keep the Internet running smoothly if we don’t know what is “The Greatest Thing Of All Time” and what is “The Worst Thing Of All Time.” Other basic systems checks to run: What If Game Of Thrones Characters Had Facebook, Jon Hamm’s Penis, Aziz Ansari, Subservient Chicken, Michael Cera, 8-Bit Video Game Fan Art, Vine, Adam Scott, Azealia Banks, The Harlem Shake, Paul Rudd, Mentos, Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, Ryan Gosling’s Dog George, Aubrey Plaza, The Monkey From Animal Practice, Damon Lindelof, Drive, Fake Twitter Accounts, Isaiah Mustafa, Local Weathermen, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Rhett And Link, Improv Everywhere, Mindy Kaling, Dramatic Chipmunk, Spring Breakers, Ricky Gervais, Pajama Pants, Epic FAILs, David at the Dentist.

The Internet: WOULD YOU HIT IT?

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  1. That’s a lot to process. I think I’m just going to take a nap.

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  2. I think the internet loves weird ways to cook eggs. Or, at least, SOMEONE thinks that.

  3. If you are having a conversation about the most popular things on the internet and you don’t mention porn, then you are not fully up to date on the internet yet.

  4. Can you imagine if the rest of the internet was more like Videogum? *looks longingly out window and thinks about Nickelback lyrics*

  5. I’ve said it before*, but I’ll say it again, these two things have juuuuust about completed me. thanks internet!

    *on boingboing like 15 mins ago…

  6. Gabe, maybe you should go for a nice walk? Walks can be nice.

  7. Does anyone spend time at Scarfolk Council? It is amazing: creepy, funny, smart:

  8. For my fellow Drag Race fans (I think there’s like 5 of us on here) the internet is currently hating Roxxxy Andrews because she is a mean girl. And, we all know you can be mean and funny and it’s ok. But just being mean? Unacceptable, hunty.

    • Yes, right now it’s boo Roxxxy, Yay Jinkx & Alaska.

    • Yeah, that extended scene of Roxxxy’s puppet show in Untucked this week was extremely uncomfortable and nooooot cute.

    • Apparently Roxxxy apologized on twitter and then complained about getting the mean girl edit. I can’t help but feel, however, that they wouldn’t have edited her that way had she not said that crap. Also, she is still trying to play the Jinkx can be bitchy too card. Hmmmmmm……

  9. ahhh, does anyone remember the talk about men’s rights activists we had forever ago…was it yesterday? i don’t remember…anyhoo, check out this awesome advocacy group out of canada:

    • Oh man I really do like that website. Was this the conversation after Jon Hamm asked people to stop ogling his junk? I really think this is kind of a fascinating issue. I think a lot more men would understand and embrace feminist issues if it was approached from the perspective that sexism actually has real consequences for both genders. I know that makes men sound pretty self-absorbed that the problem has to be related back to them, but I think the real importance is that it would turn it from the current perceived dialogue of men oppressing women into the actual dialogue (or what should be the actual dialogue) of unfair societal norms that should be done away with. It’s a lot easier to join a movement in which you are not considered to be the villain.

  10. Patton Oswalt definitely won the internet this week. What’s great though, is that the internet is a place for everything! On the sites that we frequent (yes, we, the videogum community), I’m guessing they all support the same types of stuff like pop culture stuff (arrested development, ron swanson, whether or not ryan gosling is cuter than a puppy) but there’s room on the internet for everyone to have their own little world! People who like making tiny doll furniture or whatever, they probably have their own circles of sites where they’re having the same conversation about whether they all still like elmer’s wood glue or whatever.

  11. This is just me and please downvote me for it if you disagree but I don’t like Nick Offerman. He puts on this macho dad 1950s persona while living off acting. Like, I ain’t care if you do that, some of my best friends are actors but the few interviews I’ve seen of him, he acts like he’s better than you cause he can follow Ikea directions. Dude, you didn’t build your infinity pool yourself. I love woodworking too, I just can’t afford it. Your hobby is, that, a hobby, not a job. Also, Ron Swanson is just Garfield. From his love of food, to his mustache to being a government worker who hates the government* To his relationship with Odie/Sam Seaborn. No thanks, bro.

    *cat who hates chasing mice/his job.

    • Erm. It’s kinda way more than a hobby, considering:

      • Until he quits his day job and supports himself by selling chairs, it’s a hobby.

      • Though I agree with you on this point pt, I can’t help but leave this little piece of Devil’s Advocate Food Cake here:*

        * the point, if were actually making one, would be that famous people’s hobbies become lucrative due to their fame, not their necessity. Of course, I don’t necessarily think that in Offerman’s case, but being unnecessarily contrary and having specious examples ready at hand is very internet too, so I guess this whole comment really just fits in this here comments section pretty snugly.

        • Offerman was woodworking and set-building (that for a living) before his acting career took off.

          He’s also just crazy good at it and dedicated. It’s silly to dismiss it as a hobby that he should just shut up about and not take public pride in. Also “I’d totally be that skilled and dedicated at X if I had more X” is a jealousy-monster statement.

          • I make an effort not to get into Internet arguments and I should know better but what the hell, I have a few brain cells to kill. I love how you’re quoting “I’d totally be that skilled and dedicated at X if I had more X.”

            Please pt, stop smoking wee day and night, it makes you hear stuff that’s not there. I should elaborate on the woodworking stuff more. That was my fault. In an interview I saw of him, he was deriding the youth and saying something about how we should be making something real, wood working was an example. I agree with this but the problem here is not laziness, it’s money. First off all, there is a very small market for home made furniture. I am willing to bet the vast majority of monsters have not one single piece of bought home-made furniture. You know why? That shit is expensive. Brazilian redwood can be as much as 15$ a lineal foot. I have no problem with him using his money for this craft, nor buying all the infinity pools he wants, that’s his money. BUT giving wood-working as an example of something lazy kids should be doing is kind of like Gwyneth Paltrow saying kids should be eating a 100$ plate of kale a day to be healthy.

          • 1. Who the heck smokes urine? That’d be weird.
            2. I don’t work from home anymore, so don’t smoke anything during the day.
            3. Humorous paraphrasing, intended to mock the meaning sitting behind the actual words written is a wicked hard concept to understand.
            4. There 100% forms of woodworking that aren’t that expensive.

    • while i do love nick offerman, i definitely agree that the internet needs to just CHILL with all the ron swanson manliness stuff. though, as far as the woodworking stuff, i did like when he was on conan and said that he doesn’t think he’s particularly great at woodworking but all of a sudden all the woodworking publications and junk are calling him up for interviews and appearances because he’s now the most famous woodworker.

      (also, let the record show that i always kinda hated amanda bynes, even before she went all off the rails.)

      • He’s not THE most famous woodworker.

      • I loathe this (relatively) new memetic trend of perceived masculinity. Nick Offerman (or more accurately Ron Swanson) has become the patron saint of how a man should behave: libertarian, aggressively carnivorous, adept at manual labor, and condescending to anything that falls outside this model. Almost worse, and this is a widespread problem in internet culture, is that the internet can’t decide what level of irony this worship is tempered with.

        To me, there are few things less masculine than being concerned about your masculinity. I’ve always seen Ron Swanson as an insecure man-boy with a strict moral code. I think he’s a fascinating character – the obsolete man raging at a world evolving without him. The pop culture fetishization of him is a tad ironic in itself.

        • It’s basically just the whole bacon worship thing…but in person form.

        • Since when is Ron Swanson the model for how men should behave? People actually want to be like him? I was under the impression that the internet just thought he was funny – not that he is a role model.

          • Not to be all like, “This!” but, “This!” I’ve been rewatching S2 of Parks, and goddamn if that is not one of the funniest seasons of television ever. Ron is a funny character, and his masculinity is the basis for jokes, end O’ story! Plus I’m mystified that he looks like that compared to how Offerman looks at other times. Ron Swanson literally looks like a hamburger patty.

      • Yessss I always found Amanda Bines grating, even when she was on All That and especially when she had her own show. Never found her cute OR funny.

    • While you are certainly free to form whatever opinion you may, it seems that a good portion of your opinion on Nick Offerman is based on things that just aren’t true.

    • I can understand being annoyed at some of the 50s macho stylings of Ron Swanson*, but I really don’t think that’s who Offerman is truly based on what I’ve read about Megan Mullally. For one thing, he’s married to a woman who is over ten years older than him, is more successful than he is, and it’s pretty open about how he would drop everything to support her work over his own (he went to every Will & Grace taping, they moved to New York for her Broadway career). He’s also constantly talking about how she’s the funniest person he’s ever known, just has total open in his respect for her work. I mean, that’s a glaring failure of a 50s macho dad on his part if that’s his goal.

      * Also let’s be real, Ron in character has said, openly, in direct dialogue, that he prefers strong, successful women.


    • I am of two minds on the Nick Offerman thing: so the acceptance from plebians of Ron Swanson/Offerman the woodworker as a masculine ideal to return to is sort of replacing the original pop culture call to “traditional masculinity” that idiots invented when Don Draper came on the scene. As Don Draper’s obvious existential crisis showed up in the show to subvert that, for anyone too simple to learn anything from it Ron Swanson, a broader brushed character, came on the scene to pin all your, “why doesn’t anyone think I’m special for drinking scotch like everyone else?” hopes to. In both cases it’s a skewed understanding of the characters; neither is particularly happy with themselves while following that track and both are actually more defined as supportive of strong women to the detriment of their own wants sometimes on their shows. The difference between the actors is that Hamm has always shrugged off the Don Draper adoration and character/actor confusion as an underdeveloped understanding of the reality and show’s message while Offerman has seemed to indulge in the attention paid to himself as Swansonesque by playing up his enjoyment of woodworking and bacon eating.

      That being said, Hamm is the lead on an acclaimed drama who gets asked probing questions about his character development and will probably go on to above the line stardom for several years, whereas Offerman has put in several years as a carpenter and character actor and is brushing fame for maybe the only time, and because he’s on a comedy he does reddit AMAs where he;s asked about scotch and cheeseburgers. While it’s incredibly eyerolly to be like, “Really? You’re dancing for these monkeys Offerman?” at the same time I can’t say I wouldn’t do the exact same thing so I’m not sure I have right to complain abotu how annoying it is to stoke that particular flame.

      But I will definitely agree that anyoen who tells me I need to build furniture can go fuck themselves: I live in an apartment and even if I am lazy about hard work, you work in television, how do you think I have time to know who you are?

      • That’s a fantastic comparison. I’ve read that Ron Swanson was written for and catered to Offerman once he was cast which by no means is unique in better sitcoms. And as far as I’m aware, Don Draper was more or less fully fleshed out when Jon Hamm was hired.

        If I have anything of substance to say, it’s that it’s obvious Hamm is playing a character that is carefully constructed, and that the loose, improvisational nature of what goes on in Parks & Rec shoots feeds into the kind of guy Offerman is. It’s not a dig on Offerman, by all accounts he’s a fucking swell guy, but the response to his character/public persona has been interesting.

        Great comment. Summed up a lot about this that I’m probably too apathetic and/or dumb to suss out.

  12. Internet? I’d hit it.

  13. Is that Amanda Bynes on the right?? Oh no. That’s all I can think of to say. Just… Oh no.

  14. Glad no-one has mentioned bacon yet.

  15. I think they like puppies. And boxes. Lately my Internet days have been consumed by puppies and boxes. Just building boxes. Out of code. I’d like to build them out of wood but I’m very very accident prone and I need my fingers to type.

  16. Did you guys hear hotmail changed its name recently? Wild stuff, the internet.

  17. With both my love and concern for Amanda Bynes and my hatred of the modern incarnation of Patton Oswalt, I am securely maintaining my internet identity as supreme cunty contrarian. Success! (No I don’t mean to disagree with everyone all the time, I’m just better at liking things, it’s my life’s burden.)

    • What do you mean by modern incarnation of Patton Oswalt? I think I Patton Oswalt is the greatest, but then I get this weird feeling in my stomach, like when you eat a new food that you think you like, but the texture is wicked different and you don’t know what to make of it all.

      • I mean the new, “the good people will always win,” Sorkin platitude spewing all day, yet Tosh defending all night personae that he has chosen to adopt in the post-Bush era.

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