Look, I know it’s just the Today show and who the hell even cares about the Today show and we already had that New York magazine article about Ann Curry and the Today show, but there’s another article in this week’s New York Times magazine and I have to admit: I cannot get enough! Backstabbing! Boys Clubs! SHOWBIZ!

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  1. oh man, I’ve had that open in my browser, waiting to read it until I got a moment…just got a moment and read the first page and found out there are EIGHT MORE PAGES! I’ll read it…probably…but so far, damn! Also why were they making fun of what she wore? Wasn’t that up to the costume/clothing person on set? Also how much would it seriously suck to have a fucking supercut of all the mistakes you’ve ever made in your career? pretty demoralizing.

    • Yeah they sound like a bunch of jealous jerks. Lauer is the problem with that show. He should have been replaced, not Ann.

      • i’m going to be so upset if he replaces alex trebeck when he leaves jeopardy!.

        • That would seriously piss me off so much! And I don’t even regularly watch Jeopardy.

          If I was Matt Lauer, I would have been saving my million dollar paychecks so that I could retire after my contract was up. I can barely get up by 7:00 in the morning, so I can’t even imagine having to wake up at 3:00 AM and “perform” for America. Aren’t you tired Matt Lauer? Don’t you want to sleep in and spend a lazy day around the house? Gwyneth Paltrow can probably recommend some wonderful sleepwear for you.

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