How was your day today? Bad because your mom told you to turn down your music way before 11PM last night, which is your agreed-up “music off” time, and it’s just like, ugh, mom, thanks for letting me move back in with you in this tough financial time, I really do appreciate it and am trying to get back on my feet, but LAY OFF ALREADY! Bradley Cooper can relate! Because he lives with his mom too! I mean, his situation is very different from the situation I just described (yours), but it’s KIND OF the same. Here’s how it’s going for him, from his interview with Details:

The best way I can answer that is to say we’re surviving. Both of us. Let’s face it: It’s probably not easy for her, by the way, to be living with her son. It’s life. And right now, two years after my father’s death, this is where we are. My family is very close, and my dad dying was brutal for all of us. It was a schism, and its aftershock has not stopped. And we need each other. So here we are. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not without complications. It’s not like I live in a compound and she’s in the guesthouse. No. She’s in the next room. But here’s the thing: She’s a cool chick. We can hang, and she can roll with the punches. If that wasn’t the case, there’s no way.

Aww. That’s actually very sweet, Bradley Cooper. Though I bet your home is probably closer to whatever compound you were describing than the two-bedroom apartment scenario you described next, and also what punches are you making your mother roll with?! But mostly: What a good son! Not like you, waiting all day to write up a comment on Videogum complaining about your poor old mom roommate. Tsk tsk. How else was your day, though?! Tell meeeee! I hope it was good!

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  1. Wait, so he punches his mom? And she just rolls with it?

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  2. SCREEN NAME ORIGIN STORY OPEN THREAD TIME! Knock yourselves out. I’ll post mine, too, but it’ll take me a long time to explain the whole sordid affair, so I wanted to get this started to hear some others, too.

    • Stole it from a Captcha.

    • My Dad thought it would be a cool name since he’d never met anyone named Jeb.

    • I was signing up for videogum and couldn’t think of a name. Was also gchatting with my friend about how I wanted to make brownies and whether it was a good idea. She responds “brownies are never a bad idea.”

      • Your friend has obviously never bought brownies from a gas station.

        • I have most definitely had good brownies from a gas station.

          ..unless that’s a euphemism. then I have not had brownies from a gas station.

          • I’ve had good brownies from a gas station (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN), but I’ve also had a REALLY good sandwich from a vending machine. Situations like that are going to be the exception, not the rule.

          • This is an important thread that everyone should read.

      • I saw that a lot of users on here and Stereogum had long user names, so I chose something that was relevant to my life at the moment (I stopped playing games online because the I no longer wanted to be angered by assholes and 12 year olds) and over 15 characters long.

    • Mine is from a song by a band I was -obsessed- with in middle through high school. There are characters in the song (it’s super weird) and Capsulekei is one of them. It might be a reference to another band the guitarist admired since that band is called “Capsule” and “kei” means “in the style of” so there you go. There’s another character called “Dr Moog” so you know, the musical theory is a strong contender.

    • i like flasks and alliteration.

    • I really like Dawn of the Dead and I live in Philly (Jawn is Philadelphian slang used for everything


    • my name is what they call Lana on Archer because she has such huge hands! I don’t think I have particularly large hands (never been broken up with for having ‘man hands’) but I find Archer very funny and it struck me on the day I was signing up.

    • At Daiso they used to have a little pouch (for makeup or something) with a stuffed felt cupcake glued to it that said “Fad Hamburger”. Never being one with a knack for creative screen names I just lifted it and shortened it and here we are.

      • Cupcake = Fad Hamburger? Amazing! If I could get away with carrying a purse, I would own the one I found that had a skull and crossbones on it and said “Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die Cream Soda”

    • I rented a house beside a church with a friend and these hooligan kids would use our porch to smoke pot when they snuck away from church dances and I would yell at them and chase them away. So my roommate started calling me old man fatima, and said these kids probably tell stories about me at sleepovers and warn each other away from me, like “watch out for old man fatima, I hear she uses your finger bones to pick her teeth and if she gets you everyone you ever met forgets that you even existed!” and then one day one of them would lose their kitten in my backyard and I would get it out for them and invite them in and make them homemade hot chocolate and they would find out that I wasn’t really a scary old man I was just a very nice (at the time) 23 year old woman who didn’t want her patio furniture ruined by kids’ sticky little hands.

      • Sidebar, I can’t wait for imsteph’s. I bet it’s complicated.

        • Ugh I wish I’d taken the time to come up with a good name. I actually thought of one the other day while watching Regular Show. You know, the Trash Boat episode? It’s very good! (Rigby changes his name to Trash Boat. It’s perfect.)

          Also, though, at the time, plain “steph” was taken, but now, apparently, it’s not. So. BOOM.

    • My mom gave me mine!

    • my bandmates used to call me father time because i’m (a few months) older than them.

    • When I started reading videogum there was a daily spambot advertising a sugar daddy-sugar baby dating site. Took the name, never looked back.

    • In the late 90s my friends and I ran a Team Fortress (class-based shooter game based on Quake) server. Sometimes we would use alternate names so we could see how people behaved when they didn’t think any admins were around. We would usually come up with some theme for our alternate names, and one of them was Australian animals. I thought NastyEmu was a funny name so I’ve been using it for 15 years now.

    • All will be explained here:

      In all honesty, I kinda wanna just shorten it to Tony Harrison.

    • It is a shortened version of my last name. I am the youngest of my siblings and the youngest of my forty paternal cousins, and when I grew up everyone I met had already met someone with my (fairly unique) last name, and so I never got to utilize this cool nickname until adulthood.

      • However, when I moved to the East Coast I discovered that my last name (with its correct spelling!) is one half of the name of a popular furniture store over here. As far as I know, I am not an heir to the furniture fortune. :(

      • Big families! I had a friend in high school whose dad was #14 of 17 kids, all of whom had like 6-8 children themselves. She had 120 FIRST COUSINS and accidentally dated one for 2 months because it is impossible to keep track of that many first cousins even if you all live in the same city!

    • I googled the Rock-a-fire Explosion because of Steve Winwood and a picture with the caption Chris Thrash came up. I misread it as Chris Trash because I am an idiot.

    • Mine is from an old SNL sketch.

    • Mine has a sort of long and pointless story. I got really into the band T.Rex in college because they’re awesome, and I got the special edition Born to Boogie DVD which had a “Making Of” documentary, and I was really amused by the part in which they talked about how the guy who plays the butler in the scene where Marc Bolan plays some songs with a string quartet at a garden party attended by some nuns and a vampire was the star of a kid’s TV show about a wizard named Catweazle who accidentally transports himself from the 11th century to the present day and befriends a kid on a farm. Apparently Marc Bolan, like many stoners of his time, was a big fan of the show. Anyway, I am really bad at coming up with screen names so I just started using “catweazle” for everything after watching that documentary and never looked back.

      tl;dr – I like glam rock and find random things funny

    • It’s my nickname!

    • Soooo….I’m in an art history program and am awkward and dorky. Done and done.

    • It was playing on the jukebox when I had to pick a name bowling one time.

    • Terrible, random decision made with absolutely no forethought, like most lasting decisions I’ve made in my life. I am neither a Martin nor a Megs.

    • It’s my horse’s name

    • When I joined I was like “oh. everyone loves arrested development. This will ingratiate me with the commenting community.” For the record, I am not, nor have I ever been a lawyer.

    • You know my secret already, taco.

      • I like things that have my first name in them (sustainablechristy, admiralchristy, radiofreechristy, lastyearschristy, etc). And this one rolls off the tongue well and it’s a cute lil’ Citizen Kane reference.

    • When I was fourteen I went to a concert and a much older, incredibly intoxicated man hit on me all night by repeating I was ‘stellar, just fucking uber stellar sexy’. In an attempt to dissuade his interest, my friend and I told him we were gay and dating, so he got really excited and called his lesbian daughter and shouted over Mudvayne for an hour to her on the phone about my uber stellar-ness.

    • One time I was riding in the car with my dad, and out of nowhere he just asked me, in a confused and incredulous manner, what is a badger??

    • It’s the title of one of my favorite RuPaul songs.

    • I put “Pepper Oakmead” into a reverse porn name generator.

      • MORE SERIOUSLY (..?): My son’s best friend in preschool was one of two Nathans in the class and I thought it was funny that he was called “Nathan B” even when the other Nathan wasn’t around.
        THIS COINCIDED WITH me deciding it was silly for me to have an “Internet Version” of myself, so pre-vgum all of my handles (twitter, flickr, etc.) are MrBikferd, which is a character from my favorite kids book, Who Needs Donuts? and since then I’ve just used my own name.
        Oh, except on YouTube I use “lonelygirl15″.

    • My roommate and I were unemployed and playing videogames 24/7. I was using the screen name “gromet” and he said I needed to change it. I agreed — but to what? He said, “I know this is a challenge, but you need something that is simultaneously legit cool and unfortunately pretentious. You know — something you.” Later that night, I circled back to his room and said, “How about Hotspur?” He stared blankly. I said, “It’s from Shakespeare.” And he said, “Perfect.”

    • It rhymes with Jillian. (Actually it is my drunk nickname, because I frequently knock over beverages with gesticulation. Because it rhymes with Jillian.)

    • I met my BFF when we were freshman in college and we were both clothing design majors with the same sense of humor, so of course our fave show was Absolutely Fabulous. She gave me a magnet as a present with Patsy (me, she’s Eddie) holding a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. When I signed up to comment on videogum the first thing I thought is I need a funny picture. It was the first thing that came to mind and I thought I would change it later… but I’m cool with it. It suits me.

      • Oh and I tried to get her to comment on this site as Edina Monsoon at one point, because she is a really great comedic writer, but I guess it wasn’t her bag. FYI, we changed majors after one year, duh. She did journalism and I did fashion merchandising instead.

    • It’s my full name said really fast and mumbly.

    • One day when I was in 6th grade, I had some dumb homework assignment that involved looking up definitions for words in the dictionary and copying them down on a piece of paper, and one of the words began with the letter S, on the same page as Saturn. I noticed that below Saturn, Saturnian was defined as someone from Saturn. A few weeks later, I had to come up with a screen name when setting up an AIM account, and used saturnian, and ever since thats just been the screen name I use whenever I create an account somewhere on the internet.

    • It’s a rarely used nickname of mine. I think the cereal tastes awful so it’s not related to that at all. I’ll put my own strawberries in my bowl thankyouverymuch.

    • When I was in college and an aspiring LiveJournaler/online stalker, I came up with the alter-ego Superglue Gumshoe: Amateur Sleuth, and when I signed up for VG I was still blogging under that name, but somehow still wanted to be a little anonymous, so I shortened it to Superglue. All of these facts are very interesting!

    • Kind of boring: first name, first 2 letters of last name. But they sound fun together!

    • It’s like my name, but with more “r”s.

    • Mine was Avalanche Lily (which is a real flower that actually grows in the snow!) but I got tired of people trying to shorten it by calling me Avalanche. Does that even make sense when it’s followed by a four letter word? So I changed it to Lilly Lily so I have no choice but to be called Lily, which is not my name by the way.

  3. All things considered, today was pretty great. I thought I was going to be very busy with work stuff, but it wasn’t that bad. I thought the errands I had to run (including going to the license plate office) this morning would be annoying, but they were actually pretty nice. I resisted the urge to post something honest but that she would almost definitely take as an attack on a crazy person I know’s blog, which is not great that I had the urge in the first place, but still counts as a win in my book. Also it’s springtime and it’s starting to be very beautiful outside and sometimes that’s enough. Tonight I think I’m making something that might be delicious for dinner and then there might be some good tv (at least on our DVR). Nothing special, nothing major, but if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

    • Oh! Also! the lady next to me at work (who I have mentioned before in certain contexts) made a seriously gross noise and said, “ewww” and I didn’t vomit or make any noise to indicate how seriously disgusting it all was!

  4. I’ve spent most of today looking at Tokyo food blogs, since I am planning on heading there for my honeymoon. The bad part is that I am now really hungry, and would do anything for a good izakaya right now.

    • sushi train!!!!!!!

      • Where’s that?

        • not any one place in particular…when I was in Australia we ate at a sushi restaurant that had a sushi train around the bar where the sushi chefs make rolls and put 2 pieces on each plate and send them around the little conveyor belt and you take plates as you see something you like. then at the end, they count up all the plates and hand you a HUGE bill because you like to try one of everything and seriously are full and maybe let’s take a cab back to the hotel because I’m not sure I can walk after all that sushi…anyway…I think it’s a thing on that side of the world so I’m guessing most of the sushi places will have one. I highly recommend it especially if you like to try a little of everything!

          • Oh, kaitenzushi! Yep, we’ll be hitting up a lot of those. I swear, though, every time I went when I lived in Tokyo the chefs would make a California Roll and send it around, and look at me like, “Eh? Eh? For you, get it?” I really don’t like California Rolls, however, so I would just take the plate to be nice.

    • I want to go to Japan one day and just eat. I once watched the Anthony Bourdain TV show where he went to Osaka and just ate all the food and it looked amazing.

    • Are we the same person? Because that’s totally where we’re going!!!!


  5. My day has been mediocre. I’ll be drinking later so at least that will be nice.

    I’ve been super homesick for the first time in a long time, missing the Boston area like crazy (it’s top of mind for obvious reasons). I just scheduled a bunch of vacation time to go to Prague/Vienna, which is great, but it also means I’m trading those days for my usual beach week with family back in MA. Maybe I’ll be able to do a weekend home this summer. The problem with living in Chicago and not being paid a lot is that I can’t afford to go home on a whim. I wish I could do that sometimes.

    Anyway, “do you realize” is playing over the office speakers and I’m melancholy. But tomorrow will probably be nicer.

  6. My day was going pretty wonderfully because I am having a FANTASTIC hair day, but then there was a drunk and possibly mentally handicapped man in the metro who stood behind me and made disgusting comments about things he would like to do to me and what he imagines I taste like (in a non-cannibal way, he made that bit clear unfortunately as that would have been less horrible somehow). The thing is, I wasn’t that bothered by it because he was keeping his distance and I didn’t feel threatened and there were lots of people around and two police officers, but then he kept going and kept going and all the people around me INCLUDING THE POLICE were doing this “oh, that guy!” thing where they sort of nudge each other and shake their heads and smile in a really indulgent way and that made me really angry. Especially the police, like what the fuck are you even paid to do?? I hope they were just hot cops with really convincing uniforms, and that nobody did anything because I was not visibly upset by it, but I have my doubts…

  7. I went for a run because I’m training for a couple races this summer but I am terribly out of shape and thus very sore. I’m also super excited cause I’m visiting CT in a few days, and it’ll be the first time I’ve seen my family since Christmas!

  8. My ears have finally stopped ringing from seeing Metz in a very small, loud room (that I think people actually live in most of the time?) last night, which cured me of my nostalgia for my sweaty old punk show days in Midwestern VW halls. (Metz was terrific, though.) I’d kind of romanticized the sweat, the numbing body heat, the shoving, the beer that grows almost instantly warm in the sauna-like atmosphere. Still, it was fun/surreal to see young children in Jesus Lizard shirts playing like they were a ca 1992 Touch and Go band. And I’m glad no one got dropped on their head in the pit. Let’s be careful, everybody!

    • Were you at Shea Stadium? I lived around the corner from there until about 2 months ago, but never made it there and I am ashamed. I still have time though. Have you been to the Paperbox around the corner? I’m playing drums there for my roommate’s band in a week.

  9. Good day, signed up for a charity ride to support a great cause, got some work done, went for a moderate run at lunch, the weather is awesome, my kids are happy and healthy, my dog is chewing on her favorite monkey, and i smell roast pork roasting in the next room. My birthday is coming up this weekend and Ms Flask is designing a cake for me! She just filled me in on all of the insanity she gets to go through to make a gluten free soy free dairy free chocolate and raspberry with truffles ice cream cake. Apparently the cake is going to take a few days. But it will be awesome!

  10. My kitchen got torn out this week!!! I hate construction projects, but I love a new kitchen more.

    • Is Mr. Kelly’s Mom doing it himself? Is he not as good of a handyman as he would like to believe? And he is making Packy come over to help, even though Packy doesn’t want to be there, and then there are going to be hijinks and busted pipes?

      P.S. I basically assume your entire life to be a sitcom. Just thought you should know that.

      • Hell no! Not that he isn’t handy, but not that handy. Packy checks in about the project occasionally. Mostly he wants to know when it will be finished so I can bake and send some goodies out to him. I’m enjoying time off from baking and sending goodies.

    • I woke up to what I thought was someone tearing out my kitchen, but instead it was construction workers tearing up my sidewalk! My kitty stalker is over because he’s afraid of the noise and now my dog is throwing toys at me because he’s afraid of the cat.

  11. well, apparently bryan lee o’malley hates me, so


  12. Hey, Kelly, thanks for asking.

    I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said better before but I know everyone has their Google alerts set to “faceless Internet commentator Chris Trash’es take on Boston Marathon bombing,” so I might as well say it.

    I love sports. I love sports and I don’t care who knows. I have witnessed more heartbreaking and dramatic events watching sports than watching movies and TV.* I’ve been a fan of long-distance running for a while now, since my cousin began running them about 12 years ago.
    My cousin was never very talented at other sports but she immediately fell in love with long distance running. “Running is about hard work not talent,” she would say. I guess this is true to a point. I mean, at any given marathon, no mattter how big it is, there are only about 30 people who have a realistic chance of winning it, but tens of thousands of people run along, trailing the winners by many minutes or, more likely, hours. Spectators at a marathon are just as likely to cheer for someone finishing at 6 hours as they are for those finishing in 2. It’s truly very inspiring, seeing strangers connect with strangers, even if just for a bit. The whole thing is, for lack of a better word, very monster-like.

    I, myself started running after the 2007 Chicago Marathon. I was watching it in Pilsen, a culturally mixed neighborhood, mostly composed of scruffy hipsters and Mexican immigrants. The marathon was unseasonably hot that year, upper 90s, I think, and it took a toll on the runners. The marathon organizers ran out of supplies and several people were hospitalized. I think 2 died and 40+ were hospitalized. I felt very inspired watching immigrant families spending their money on ice or water to hand out to the runners. I mean, some of those people are barely making ends meet, spending 10 bucks on Ice for strangers is a big deal.

    I ran pretty seriously** for the next couple of years, even placing 4th in the Chicago Area Runners Association’s Clydesdale division for 2009 until I was hospitalized after being poisoned. Running made me a better, less cynical person. When I had to stop because of my health it was a huge blow to my psyche. I gravitated to VG because I found the same level of camaraderie within these web walls. I know I’ve said this before but I really appreciate how you guys helped me stay sane during my recovery period. I love you guys.***

    Back to my cousin. Her dream for the last decade was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. As you might know, Boston is not an open race, which ads to its prestige. She never had. She came close in 2010 but missed it by 2 seconds. So when she finally qualified last October, she was obviously ecstatic. She planned the trip since then and trained on snowy hills all winter.

    I had planned on going but I was unable to go due to work. Her mom came from Mexico to see her run, even if just for a few seconds, and many of my family followed. They even met with one of my cousin who, coincidentally, was supposed to be a flight attendant in one of the planes that hit the towers on 911 until her friend asked to switch flights with her**** Anyways, make a long story not quite as long, my cousin finished the marathon 15 minutes before the first bomb went off. She had gotten her gear and was walking towards the finish line to meet the rest of my family. There were many variables that could’ve gone either way as far as their position but luckily both my family and my cousin were a couple blocks away from either blast.

    I don’t know why I’m sharing this, except yes I do but I don’t know how to say it. But I’ll give it a try, I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve been close to death. I’ve been poisoned, I’ve been in a car accident that split open the side of my forehead where you could see my skull, I’ve been feet away from gunshots not intended at me. But so what? We are all living in a giant space rock full of natural disasters, orbiting a star with the energy of a million nuclear bombs, dodging space debris while we ride 2 ton machines and eating over-processed foods and God knows what else. Lets just be excellent to each other and remember, you are Lisa Simpson.

    *That is why, perhaps, when watching motion pictures, television programs or internet blogs I chose comedy or surrealism over drama, but that’s not important to my ramble.

    **seriously as in, I ran a lot not I was fast or anything.

    ***Well, not you specifically, but I love the fact that most of you aren’t just out to make strangers out to be assholes, like most of the Internet.

    ****life is weird, huh?

  13. I never really participate in these threads, but it’s always great to read them. Sometimes it’s reassuring that someone asks how your day was, even if it’s a blanket question to a bunch of anonymous internet folk.


  15. My day was medium. It’s beautiful, but everything still feels a little weird here in Boston, so I feel a little guilty being too happy about the weather. This morning my boss pointed out that I had completely forgotten to do an ongoing project she’d given me months ago, so then I had to catch up on that. BUT, I got the new David Sedaris audiobook and listened to that while looking at spreadsheets, and it was great. Love those Sedarises. Maybe I love them TOO much.

  16. There is a crazy thunderstorm right now which on the one hand is great because I love thunderstorms, but on the other hand is bad because I didn’t know it was going to rain today and didn’t bring my umbrella. Life is tough, sometimes. It is very busy at my job right now which is lame, but whatevs! It’s getting to be gin and tonic season again so I feel like I can take on any challenge that life throws my way.

  17. So my day was ok, considering things are still fairly surreal around these parts. But it was a gorgeous day, I opened all my windows, and I figured out how to structure my Critical Theory paper so I’m feeling pretty good. Plus, one of my friends is coming into town this weekend and we are going to have fun and get drunk in this pretty cool city.

  18. I am staying with my parents right now toooooo! I have been here for 2 and a half weeks (my place is getting renovated, and my grad school is online so I can work from here. It is glorious!
    I like hanging out with my parents, they’re great cooks, they live on beautiful Vancouver Island (it has been snowing/slushy/brown back at home), and my dog is here too! And I get to work in their garden, and hang out with my uncle. My uncle and my parents all live together in the same house (it is like an old person sitcom). Great fun!
    Also, the more I read from Bradley Cooper (only what is featured here, obviously), the more I like him!

  19. Today was pretty good, I finally had time to think about videogum again after a pretty hellish past 10 days. I am now typing on my new Chromebook, the replacement for my macbook, which was stolen from our apartment along with everything my fiance and I own of value last week, including our soon to be used wedding bands. Then my father was in surgery for 7 hours to remove a tumor from his lung that was wrapped around an artery. I also had to do lots of work on top of insurance claims and police reports and living in perpetual fear of being burglarized again.

    But that is all over now, things are just things, my dad is recovering very quickly, and I’m still getting married in a little over a month even if we have to use ring pops as wedding rings.

    Koala out.

  20. My day was fine. I have been super productive at work which is good, since I want to continue to be employed. My new tattoo is in the ‘looks like the melting nazi from Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark’ phase of healing, though, which is both gross and funny. I call it grunny.

  21. Today was great! I got to do science projects with my kid’s book group and discuss a really great book! If for some reason you are looking for a great book for upper elementary, I highly recommend The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo. It is just fantastic!

    Yesterday, all the library workers got a gift bag from the friends of the library for National Library Week. It was really nice! It had a big mug, baked goods, chocolate, tea…and Beyonce’s Midnight Heat perfume. I think someone thought it was candy (the wrapper looks a lot like a shiny Tootsie Roll), but it really made my day.

  22. My boss’s boss’s boss came to our office today so we all got to go to a nice hotel restaurant and eat Beautiful Food and get a fancy cocktail for lunch, so that was awesome but balanced out with the fact that my boss x1 told me I have to start monitoring stuff/checking email after hours until our product release :(

  23. Not a particularly exciting day, but still frustrating. I don’t know about you guys but these seasonal allergies are KILLING me. The only way it would get worse is if you blew the pollen directly into my eyes.

  24. Ahh guys I’ve been away from the computer for most of the last two days and I have missed you. My book came out yesterday, and I celebrated by piercing my ears (I have three + cartilage on the left, two on the right now) and then making steaks and drinking wine with gentlemansteph last night. We also started watching Nathan For You which is just such a treat.

  25. I don’t have anything remarkable to say about my day. But the last few weeks have been really gloomy. Weather wise and life wise. My dog died. My ex’s dog, actually. And it was my last tie to him, which is sort of a relief in a weird way. I’m about to graduate from my master’s program and my job leads so far haven’t panned out as I expected. My life is about to change in a big way moving to a new place (definitely not staying in the midwest), and going back to work after being in school full-time for 2 years. I feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff… which is actually kind of how I felt when I went to my first monster meetup in 2010. So, the only thing I am looking forward to right now is our meetup weekend. Everything else is giving me anxiety. Love you guys. <3

  26. My day is OK!

    I’m stressed about a team meeting I have at work in the morning. We haven’t had one in a while, and I’m not sure if the progress I’ve made on my projects is good or not good. Should I have made more progress? LESS PROGRESS? I don’t know! Did I prepare enough graphs and tables for the meeting? More graphs/fewer tables???

    I’m watching the first episode of The Sopranos. I’ve never seen The Sopranos before. It’s good! I’m probably the first person to notice this.

    I’m reading the new Elizabeth Strout novel. Great stuffz!

  27. Today I played a game of air hockey against someone using their non-dominant hand, and I STILL lost.

  28. I was all flustered by CNN, got into a screaming match with my dad because the background check law didn’t pass and he still doesn’t believe background checks aren’t required at gun shows. Using logic and facts against someone deadset in believing their opinion is right from the get-go is pretty much a losing situation. So I gave up. I had a meh fancypants grilled cheese sandwich. I love grilled cheese sandwiches but that one was not good at all.
    On the plus side, I got a some reading done and took a nice long nap.

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