• Aw, man. The British man who dressed up like batman and brought a burglary suspect into the police station has now been arrested for burglary himself! Or was he framed by the Joker?!?! (I don’t really know anything about batman!) -FilmDrunk
  • Amazon has released both a trailer for and the pilot episode of their Zombieland series. Are you going to watch this? I cannot imagine watching it, myself. Not that it looks terrible. But just. I don’t wanna?  -/Film
  • Joss Whedon says he knew the plot of The Avengers 2 before he made the first one. Sounds like someone is getting a little braggy about the stuff he knows! -NextMovie
  • Elisabeth Moss is going to guest star on The Simpsons next fall. Ugh, don’t even remind me about fall, The Simpsons. It hasn’t even gotten warm here yet! -Vulture
  • And finally, Breaking Bad is going to return on August 11th! Hooray, Breaking Bad! August 11th IS THE DANGER! -HuffingtonPost
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  1. Nananananananana Busted!

  2. I also know the plot of Avengers 2 ahead of time: everyone character I have been taught to love in the first one will be killed.

  3. this is unrelated but do you guys ever have an urge to make an internet comment to someone you know IRL that you’re certain she’ll take the wrong way but she asked for advice but you know it’s petty anyway? ugh. people, you know?

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