I took a trip to a pet store this week. That’s kind of a lie, I only went in because it was on the way to another place I was going, but let’s go with it! I was really hoping that this pet store would be the cruel kind of city pet store that actually has puppies somewhere inside, but IT WAS NOT. Ugggghhhh. I want puppies! Put the puppies in the puppy pen and let me pretend like I’m going to save one of them from this pet store nightmare! Very upsetting/heartening. But there were some giant goldfish there for like $40 each and those guys were suuuuuuuuper dumb and cute. Do any of you have a giant goldfish? Not like this, but just the kind that are fat and cute and make funny faces? There was on there that looked like it had lipstick on LOL. I said I would name it Madonna if I bought it, because she always has lipstick on, but I didn’t buy it. Soooooooooo. What else. There were some lizards and some of them were weird! That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods. Let’s see what’s happening in your neighborhood! (Let’s watch animal videos.)

10. Kitten Rightfully Scared Of Popcorn Maker

9. Hungry Monkey

8. Mini Horse Gets A Belly Rub

7. Relaxing Seal

6. Get This Dog Away From This Monkey!

5. Dog Swings From Tree

4. Baby Raccoon Having A Bath

3. Kitten Vs. Dog

2. Cat Does Ninja Roll

1. Sloth Loves Kitten


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  1. Great job, kitty and dog from #3! Great job, everyone! Sloth, watch those claws around that cat’s eyes! That looks scary!

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  2. Does anyone else turn off the sound on most of the Petting Zoo videos and replace it with their own music or is that just me? I usually find people’s musical choices very distracting and/or flat out bad. Just show me the cute!

    Also, one of my old cats would go ballistic on my popcorn machine. Then he would try to eat all the popcorn.

  3. I wish that baby raccoon would waddle into my cube right now!

  4. This is absolutely what I needed right now. Thanks Kelly!

  5. Cat and Sloth are perfect friends! “You scratch my head, and I’ll……let you.”

  6. I finally figured out how to use the video feature on my phone and took a video of grouchy old Catticus “hunting” his food (he takes a single kibble out of the bowl and pats it around the kitchen for a while until he “catches” it) (and makes old man grumbly noises the entire time, which is for sure the best part), but I don’t know how to get it off of my phone so you’re all out of luck. Unless you want to come over to my apartment real quick and I can show it to you, but I have a thing tonight so would have to be in the next hour or so? I’ll put beer in the fridge just in case any of you are on your way.

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