For this week’s episode of Parks and Rec, Patton Oswalt delivered an improvised 8-minute long filibuster about the Star Wars/Disney merger which might just be the most Internet-y thing of all time (Star Wars, NBC Comedy, Patton Oswalt, No Editing, Vaguely Political, YouTube) and calling it the most Internet-y thing of all time is even more Internet-y and you can watch in its entirety here.

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  1. Two things – First, is it actually Thursday? Because if it is Thursday then I’ve been doing things wrong all day. Second, regardless of what day it is, I will be watching this when I get home!

  2. It’s definitely Wednesday, right? Like I’m not imagining that is isn’t Thursday?

  3. At first I was a little upset that he left the Star Wars universe because I legitimately wanted to hear his full plot for the next movie, but by the end I was totally into it. Where’s Patton’s upvote button?

  4. Patton Oswalt is so cool, you guys. Not cool in like a traditional sense, but cool in like a nerdy sense. i guess i’m just nerdy enough that I find him cool.

  5. He was also one of the best parts of the most recent season of Justified. Love you, Constable Bob!

    • if fx needs programming to fill all the different channels it’s splitting into, i would DEFINITELY watch a constable bob/dewey crowe spinoff where they’re just bumbling, adorable bizarro versions of raylan and boyd, respectively.

  6. Not to be a wet blanked, but this wasn’t very funny. Kind of Patton Oswalt by the numbers.

  7. Really wished that was the real plot for the new Star Wars, so many great plot twists, I was going to be upset that the X-Men were flying the Quinjet and not the Blackbird but it made better sense with the final plot twist

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