Last weekend, someone asked me a surprisingly interesting and complicated question: what is a normal day like for you. It’s not surprisingly interesting or complicated because of the answer. A normal day for me is pretty much the same as a normal day for everyone else: I sit in front of a computer for a bunch of hours, quietly wishing that the walls would catch fire and I would finally be freed from this mortal coil in the brightest immolation the world has ever seen, and when I’m done doing that, I watch a little bit of TV. Pretty typical stuff. But when you are asked the question what happens is that you start to go over your days, and all of the small variations and tiny pleasures, the things that you kind of glossed over or took for granted or sometimes even just wholesale forgot in your rush to paint your life as some kind of bland bean burrito of an existence, just a long, bland tube down which your life slides like so much beans, they pop up. Suddenly you feel like it’s difficult to describe what a normal day is like because that one normal day was punctuated by a surprise lunch with a friend you hadn’t seen for months, and another normal day was capped with a trip to the museum even though you hate museums but in this instance it was fun to change up your routines and see something different and afterwards you had a glass of sparkling wine on the roof. What even is a normal day, you start to think. From the inside they all seem normal, but from the outside, when you are actually paying attention, they are anything but. I feel like that is Keanu Reeves’s face in these pictures. It all kind of mushes together until you remember that actually, you hung out with Jackie Chan on Wednesday and he made you hold stuffed panda bears so that he could post the photos to his Facebook wall, and although at the time you might have been loathe to admit it, you actually had a lot of fun and you and Jackie promised that you would call each other more often. (Via BestRoofTalkEver.)

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  1. Chanda bears.

    • just before I saw the draft which said $8428, I didnt believe that my brothers friend was like they say actually erning money in their spare time at their laptop.. there sisters neighbour started doing this less than twentey months and at present took care of the mortgage on their appartment and purchased Subaru Impreza. we looked here …….

  2. Gabe, I completely understand that you need to periodically reflect upon the grey areas in your daily existence, but when it comes to loving panda bears the issue is literally black and white.

  3. you know, some days I think how smart it is to do that whole “rose/thorn” thing every day. Because, come on, the world is amazing and the fact that we get to live in it and see cat videos and sunsets and even though there’s traffic and garbage people who suck the joy, there is still a lot of awesome stuff like pandas. I just think we all owe a lot of joy to Keanu. Yeah, we got that joy from making fun of him, but still, joy.

  4. Jackie: “YO!”
    Keanu: “Whoa.”

  5. You lost me when you said you hated museums. Museums are the guacamole spread upon the bland burrito of my life. I just love learning!!!

  6. Serious question, Jackie Chan: Who DOESN’T love pandas?

    • Anybody who bought a Fiat Panda Van, expecting a rolling delight instead of this piece of garbage:

    • Story time: Years ago I had one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had. In it, I was at a zoo looking at panda’s in their little panda habitat. You ever have that thing in a dream where you look at a place, close your eyes then reopen them and your standing in that spot via dream teleportation? (sure you have). Well that happened to me here so I was in this cage with these pandas. The next thing I know, one of the pandas is holding my arms while another starts beating me up gangland style like I owed them money or something. I woke up sweaty and confused and no I do not love pandas thank you very much.

  7. I broke up my Internet day with a great hike in the forest with my friend and my dog. We got to a high lookout and saw a rainbow far in the distance. Then I saw graffiti of Marge Simpson stenciled on a stop sign on Simpson Street. I guess I do stuff like this all the time, but it was lovely. Also, I get to stuff like this all the time so all in all, my day-to-day stuff is wonderful.

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