This Amanda Bynes thing has been fun, but at a certain point we can’t all just be rubber-necking on the highway, someone has to pull the car over and rescue her from the fire and the metal. Right? No? Nobody? We all get to just keep watching as her fucking head explodes?

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  1. Somebody needs to apply for a conservatorship for her. She looks like Lil’ Kim now, which is disturbing as well.

    • I thought this was Craig’s monologue from last night, which was great. Actually, the whole show was great.
      And, for comparison, I just watched Conan for the 3 minutes that I could stand, and he basically said the generic prayers to Boston message and immediately launched into the highly scripted jokes and patter that make my skin crawl on a normal day. And while that is absolutely his right, it absolutely cements my inability to watch his show anymore. He’s at “hey hey how about that local sports team!” levels of clever to me and it is painful.

      • i feel like there are only so many jokes you can tell as a late night comedy show host before you have to re-evaluate and start to put earnest content out there in order to stay good. carson, he was funny, but also substantive. too many of the hosts just give off this incredible hackish vibe, like they are twenty years out of high school but they still want you to know they were on the prom court because those were the fucking days.

        craig ferguson is not like that. he is totes coolio.

      • !!! I work with Conan’s dad!

    • You’re being too kind with the Lil’ Kim comparison. I’d say she’s much closer to the female gremlin.


    this video is basically the best and makes me smile. craig ferguson spouting some great wisdom.

  3. I need to figure out what cocktail of space drugs she is on, and avoid taking it.

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