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  1. This seems an appropriate place: Atwood’s next book is another one in the Oryx+Crake/Year of the Flood series and I have unending enthusiasm for this idea.

    • Hold up, Oryx and Crake was a series?? I am on board.

      • Sort of? Once her new one will be out, there will be three, but they aren’t really a trilogy, because they overlap time periods, so I just want to call it a series? It was also wicked unplanned, but characters just lodged in her brain.

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  2. This new “Slaughterhouse 90210″ feature caters nicely to what I hate about myself. I will begin to look forward to it / hate self more.

  3. Why did Aubrey Plaza have “To Do List” written on her chest? Is that a tattoo? Also I really want to get Will Ferrell’s suit and go on interviews for jobs dressed in it and act like everything is completely normal.

    • I think Will Ferrell might have worked out a bit with her ahead of time, and then to prank her he refused to go along. Not sure what the chest-writing had to do with anything. Guess you had to be there, maybe?

    • I Googled the incident because I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards. Apparently it is a movie she has coming out, and this was (probably?) a publicity stunt to promote it.

  4. Just spent the last hour at work reading the Slaughterhouse 90210 Tumblr page. It is a good.

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