Say goodbye to boring old stupid Monday mornings that turn up the mental volume of the clock ticking ever closer to death, and say hello to eggs that come out of the shell scrambled! LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL/PRETTY GROSS! (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. Yesterday I got absolutely hammered at lunch with some friends. The words “unlimited frozen margaritas for 90 minutes with the purchase of an entree” were involved. As was a bar afterwards. I am far too hungover to watch the above video without puking, so I’ll just take a pass on this one.

  2. I love eggs, but I do not have the counter space for that contraption.

    Unrelated news: MY CAT CAME HOME!!! I spotted him in the trees out sides (where he had escaped). He was obviously wanting to come home, but was also totally freaked out and ran away from me when I approached him initially. Eventually slow movements and patience got me close enough to pet and grab him. He has been more loving than ever since then. I guess a week outside wasn’t as awesome as he had imagined.

  3. I’m confused. Isn’t the air in a scrambled egg, like, the most appealing part? This just looks gross and unseasoned and gross.

  4. Fun tip: If you’re a doctor looking for a change in career, “borrow” one of the centrifuges in the lab and start cracking those chicken eggs.

  5. “You’d think it had been made by a first-rate chef, but really all we did was shake the living crap out of the chicken.”

    • Dang, you stole my joke about working on an invention to scramble eggs inside the chicken! Now I’ve gotta start working on my plan to feed chickens a steady diet of cheese, ham, and bell peppers so that I can come up with a Denver omelette made inside the shell.

  6. Man, chickens must really think we hate them. Like a lot.

  7. No thanks, I prefer my eggs on a stick.

  8. I think egg cooking inventions need to stop; I am perfectly happy with all of my current ways to make eggs & science has more important things to do. Like figuring out new ways to eat cheese. Mmmmm cheese.

  9. That looks amazing; it came out looking like sea urchin.

  10. I feel like the big advantage of scrambling eggs is that you can mix in whatever you want, because just straight up eggs are boring as shit.

    On an unrelated note, Facetaquito wakes me up every morning, without fail, by coming into the bedroom and yelling “wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!” It is adorable 100% of the time.

  11. I was grossed out until I thought “this really isn’t too far removed from custard, right?”…and also remembered that eggs are amazing so this can’t NOT be good!

  12. Pass the sriracha and I am in.

  13. I loathe eggs in general, so I don’t see why this is especially gross.

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