• /Film visited the “Iron Man Tech” exhibit at Disneyland, which makes this our third Disney theme park related link in the span of one week. (I think.) They’re all good links, though! Looooook. -/Film
  • Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon played “Egg Roulette” on Late Night last Friday. Do you think he loved it or do you think he hated it? What do you think he’s like in private? -LateNight
  • NBC is developing a kid’s version of The Voice. Why, though? Babies aren’t usually famous for singing. Do they need more kids for Kidz Bop? Are kids not ruined enough? Whyyyy? -NewYorkPost
  • Here’s another installment of FilmDrunk’s “Netflix Instant Theater,” this time with 2011′s classic Setup. -FilmDrunk
  • Do you think the celebrity sex tape craze is dead? The Week wants to know. I do not think that it is. But I also don’t think Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham’s sex tape counts as a celebrity sex tape — I think it’s more just a very sad mistake from a broken human child mom. What a world! -TheWeek
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  1. America’s Kids Got Singing is becoming a reality? I can’t wait for The Rural Juror to hit Broadway!

  2. I think somebody needs to call CPS on America.

  3. The Voice annoys the hell out of me and I’m not sure why. Maybe its because Adam Levine seems like America’s Number 1 Douchebag, maybe its because I find it frustrating that Cee Lo is on the show (is he still on the show?) despite definitely being able to find better work I would assume, maybe its because it is an off brand version of American Idol which is already a terrible garbage tv show, probably because it is one of many shows NBC is pushing that are off brand versions of shows on other networks in a pathetic, cheap attempt to get ratings.

  4. Cracking eggs on your head is all apart of this tragicomic thing we call life, Tom Cruise. Get with the program!

  5. Anybody see that Bet On Your Baby show? I wanna be on that, and we’ll always just bet against our kid. How hard is it to get your kid NOT to spin around or whatever?

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