I love sports, who doesn’t? Everybody loves sports. It’s the great contest between the two guys! Who will get the most? No one knows for sure, and that’s where the pleasure comes from. (The key word in sports is “pleasure.”) Give me my choice, and you know I will be out there on the pitch with my favorite silk banner, waving it in the air shouting “YOU GO AND YOU DO IT!” Oh, I’m a huge sportshead. Always have been, and will continue to eat and breath sports until I die. YUM! Oh, Snickers satisfies? Well have you tried SPORTS? Sports has the electrolytes your body needs. FUN FACT: it takes more muscles to frown than it does to watch sports. (Playing sports is a different matter. It takes exactly the same number of muscles to frown as it takes to play most sports except pinball and shoop.) But sometimes in our fast-paced Instagram lifestyle, it can be hard to keep up with all the sports. Oh sure, you download the sports app directly to your Samsung Galaxy, who doesn’t, but what about when you’re in a tunnel? Or when you are sending or receiving a SEXT? (Hopefully mankind will one day create a technology where we can SEXT and get sports updates at the same time, but for now it is still the STONE AGES.) Sometimes you have to just sit down and check in on sports. How’s it going sports? What’s up?

Hahaha, oh sports, NEVER CHANGE. Sports. #SPORTS (Via Hypervocal.)

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  1. We’re gunna need a slower mo.

  2. You know it gets all freaky on Hockey Night in Canada.

  3. I’m kind of bummed the Knicks lost last night, but they’ve clinched so it doesn’t matter too much at this point. It was a fun run of wins, and a great confidence booster before the playoffs.

    Oh, this was a joke thread?

  4. i love sports! they are great and fun to watch and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and that’s like life, you know? #meaningful
    As to this video…hockey players are crazy! you’d have to be crazy to want to play hockey I think. it’s very dangerous.

    • I’ve never been a real sports fan buti n high school my friends and I used to randomly go to hockey games for kicks. And this was in San Diego where hockey should not be a thing. But there is something fascinating about how wild and violent it is. Those gents are definitely nuts. Pretty exciting to watch in person.

  5. What I like about Steve Ott is he’s not the kind of guy who’s going to just sit back and wonder what Jeff Halpern’s visor tastes like. This man is a hockey player, not an armchair philosopher.

  6. I could muse about sports stuff I’m thinking about, but I’d rather post this, which I think is kind of nice.

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