The Bachelor/Bachelorette series is successful in part because it rarely changes. Despite “tweaks” like last night’s 30 men instead of 25, the series is comforting in its predictable cycles of peacocking, jealousy, laughter, tears, ambulances (if it’s The Bachelor) and the inevitable heartbreak of those who will forever remain convinced that they didn’t “open up and show who they really are” enough to leave “the friend zone.” I enjoy the series because my friends and I can literally have an unrelated two-hour conversation with the show on in the background without missing anything. But last night, they introduced (or discovered) a new way to give the show some much-needed suspense: one of the guys has a creepy, over-the-line foot fetish (along with several other disturbing traits), and WE know it, but Jillian the Bachelorette DOES NOT HAVE ANY IDEA:

Tanner P. likes chicken. He watches what he eats. He’s obsessed with feet:

Later in a pre-rose ceremony interview, host Chris Harrison asks Jillian about Tanner with a smile on his face and she says he’s great, clearly not knowing about the foot thing. And then during the rose ceremony, she totally picks Tanner P! He’s coming back! One of my friends thinks he’s totally going to kill her!

And then they show a montage of the upcoming season, with all the balcony-crying and bonding over extreme sports, but this was the shot that made us gasp: Jillian swinging her barefoot legs into the lap of an unseen man while her narration says “I don’t know who to look at, who to trust”:

Don’t trust Tanner P, Jillian! He just wants your feet! I hope Tanner makes it through a few more rounds just because this Little Red Riding Hood shit could actually make this show exciting. (Also, he’s clearly gay.)

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  1. I smell spin-off… Forget The Fatchelor. It’s all about The Footchelor…

    How many times do you think he jizzed in his pants while her feet were in the water? Also…gay!

  2. Velvet blazer, fauxhawk, “I need to get some feet action” and from Texas? I agree: gay. He’s actually having an online romance with Simon from RHONY. True story!

  3. He’s soooo mad that he didn’t get to dry her phenomenal feet off. I’m hoping against hope that he goes on a freak out angry spree against guys that get a little more foot time than he does.

  4. Caroline  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 +1

    That’s a Dealbreaker, Universe!

  5. Caroline  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 -1

    That’s a Dealbreaker, Universe!

  6. Ok, he does seem kinda gay – but that could just be the accent throwing you.

    C’mon people! It’s just a little ol’ foot fetish! If she’s into it, this could be love.

  7. Ok. I should have watched the clip.

    The way he leads her to the pool “Should we stick our feet in?”

    I’m sorry, it’s cute. And so is he. I’ll take it!

    Lindsay…sometimes when a man and a woman’s feet love each other very much…

    I have never watched this show.

  8. bird  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 0

    oh, i felt like you were going to link us to the Dealbreaker tumblr. but then that didn’t happen.

  9. bree  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 +2

    compared to the levels of grossness in regards to fetishizing women’s bodies on say, rock of love, this is small potatoes. it’s more just awkward.

  10. IvanIdea  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 +2

    That’s kind of like… unknown rape… or something.

  11. Shut it down!

    Also, he’s lying about disliking corns. I bet he’s great at cornilingus.

  12. ben (waiting for the perfect GIF)  |   Posted on May 19th, 2009 +2

    Ok obviously the producers made him talk it up/ edited it. But. But! Note to future reality tv contestants of anything filmed contestants: if they ask you to talk a ton about your weird fetish or hobby, they are making fun of you. They are always making fun of you, of course. They’ll edit sound bites so it sounds like ‘feet sex is my forte’. Just don’t give them the ‘you’re a rapist’ gun to shoot your over-earnest self in their ‘everyone you know will be watching this’ barrel (or something?)

  13. Foot fetish? Please. Foot fetishes are like breast fetishes but slightly less widespread. If girls’ feet were nicer across the board (like breasts are generally nice), they’d be neck and neck.

  14. I don’t care about his foot fetish, but he drops his g’s and possibly thinks chicken is a verb. Gross.

  15. Eh. Get back to me when one of the contestants is the brother her parents gave up for adoption before she was born and that she never knew existed until the morning after.

  16. No offense but you guys are stupid, and this article is stupid as well.. Let’s make one thing clear, I don’t have a foot fetish but I still think you’re stupid. Two things that were extremely stupid.. One is your friend thinking he’s going to kill her.. HAVING A FOOT FETISH DOESN’T MAKE YOU PSYCH! It doesn’t mean you could kill someone. That’s just freaking stupid. And the other thing was calling him gay.. Just because he likes her feet and not normal man thinks like her ass, or the rest of her body, he must be gay.. that’s stupid as well. Stop being ignorant.

  17. The sexual tension between him and the feet was almost unbearable.

  18. madfishes  |   Posted on Jun 2nd, 2009 0

    videogum, can you pretty please do recaps of this show now?

  19. Snerdly  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 0

    If he is attracted to women’s feet, then isn’t he by definition NOT gay? I mean if he was into men’s feet, well then, he’s gay. But not if he like’s women’s feet.

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