We all have to get through our days one way or another, so we might as well get through them dancing. (To Billy Joel’s “Vienna,” specifically.) (While we make a video about it.) (For online.) #TGIF! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is my future (if I had better balance and could grow a beard).

  2. aarg, this is so charming and perfect. i thought he was going to fall or something, but he just ended with that sweet message.

  3. Okay…I’ll admit my nerdiness for the second day in a row…this is really awesome because (a) this is my favorite Billy Joel song and (b) the album that had the thing where he would tell stories about the song and how it came to be or whatever had this song and it had this beautiful story about how he was in Vienna with his father and saw an old woman sweeping the street and how meaningful that was because she’s not too old to do something and she still has value and still contributes and not that this guy is super old, but it’s about embracing your role in the world, no matter how small or big or (seemingly) meaningless. And, you know, getting joy out of your life in whatever way you can. So great job, this guy! great job, Billy Joel! and great job, old lady in Vienna!!

  4. When do you think Rock Bob cut off his ponytail? Do you think Rock Bob will smoke a bowl with me out behind the dumpsters?

  5. I watched this whole things waiting to snark and say “You missed a spot, Rock Bob,” but, you know what? He DID NOT MISS A SPOT. I hate myself now.

  6. For a man named Rock Bob he sure surprised me by listening Billy Joel.

  7. why were there columns in that gym

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