I did not watch Nathan For You‘s “Claw of Shame” episode last night. I was doing my taxes and it was very frustrating and I didn’t even realize that 10:30PM had come and gone, and hadn’t set my DVR to record it, and man taxes are just the worst! So I missed it. Was it good?! It looked like it was going to be very good. Man, I hate taxes so much. Now I know why spiraling celebrities never do them — YOU MISS YOUR SHOWS! But, I saw all the other shows last night so I guess we have something else to talk about. Community aired their puppet episode. MOVING ON, just kidding. I can’t actually decide how I felt (felt — LOL) about it. The puppet aspect felt shoehorned in, as you might expect it would. Like an insincere attempt at what Community would do. But the core of the episode, the group sharing some dark secrets and still accepting each other (though ending with the same “we all love each other” hug that is usual with Community) felt more sincere than any episode has this season. How strange that they had to speak through PUPPETS to become more HUMAN than ever! LOLOLOLOL. Anyway. I think it was good? The Office, on the other hand, was not good. I’m definitely interested in the Jim and Pam couples’ therapy plot line, but man, that Stanley plot line? Eeeesh! Because the Jim and Pam plot was so serious it makes sense that they would have gone big and silly with Dwight’s, but it was just a little bit too big and a lot too ridiculous. All because Stanley WOULDN’T walk down the stairs? To do his job? It’s a sitcom and, you know, whatever, but for me it was too big of a leap, and too divorced from reality, to enjoy. BUT HEY MAYBE YOU LOVED IT? Parks and Recreation was good. All of the supporting characters from the animal control office were wonderful, and the return of Jason Mantzoukas as Dennis Feinstein was great. I’m a little worried that, because the major April plot in this episode — April trying and succeeding rather than playing it “too cool” — is something that we’ve already seen before, that we’re going to run out of places to take these characters sooner rather than later. But. We all have enough to worry about, so let’s not worry about TV! It was good! New Girl was also good. Cece, models, June Diane Raphael, homeless pencil, “Big Guy.” Good show. Not a GREAT episode but for sure always a good show, and now you say something!

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  1. I didn’t really get the Community episode. A musical episode with puppets could easily have been very funny, but it seemed like the songs were not even trying to be funny… just weirdly sincere? And the revealing secrets thing also could have been good, but nobody had a very interesting secret, or a secret that revealed something about them that we didn’t already know. So it had some enjoyable moments but overall just felt kind of pointless and weird.

    The Cougar Town finale was very good except for the Travis/Laurie stuff which actually made me feel ill. I was of course expecting Big Lou to bite the dust by the end of the season, but I still gasped dramatically when it happened.

    Andy’s “Latino” crisis was pretty funny.

    And of course the stuff with Jules’s dad was very sad but heartwarming. So overall despite the gross romance between a cool funny grownup woman and a shrimpy weird sort of creepy child, this season of CT was very good!

  2. i didn’t get to see last night’s comedies because there was a little bit of rain in our area and the local weatherman decided to preempt the entire night to show the same radar shot over and over. so I’m watching them on the internet today. but new girl was funny. and archer? hilarious!

  3. I missed Community because it was important to pick up Husbandgum’s paycheck and also some really good apple juice. But we made it home in time to see the awesome Parks & Rec episode. That show sometimes relies a little heavily on its characters being sick as an excuse to not really act how they normally would (2 weeks in a row?) but still, A+ funny, will watch again.

    I also missed Drag Race this week because I’m a STUPID IDIOT, but hopefully I will catch up tonight. Feel free to spoiler it here, since I mainly watch it for all the awesomeness, and I pretty much like everyone left on the show (maybe with the exception of Coco) so it’s kind of a wash for who gets kicked off. Are there any new catch phrases???

    • Those flavors sound DELICIOUS, especially the tart cherry. Whoever recommended the gingerade kombucha a while back, I just found that flavor today at the store and I can’t wait to try it!

  4. Yeah I agree with Kelly that Parks and Rec seems to be running out of ideas for their characters, but if they can keep delivering lines like Ron Swanson’s quote about skim milk last week, they can run out of ideas for their characters all they want. I have been laughing about that for the past week.

    • Ann should have known that potatoes have more potassium than bananas. No way Ron would be opposed to replacing his second T-bone with a baked potato the size of his head.

      • Also, I don’t care how much anyone likes meat. Bananas are delicious and everyone likes them. Suspension of disbelief broken there.

        • Wrong! I hate bananas. Can’t even stand the smell of them. I was gagging right along with Ron.

          • Me too! Last night my professor gave us bananas and other snacks. I had to spend 2 hours sitting next to a girl who didn’t throw out her banana peel–work hazard!–and it made half the room smell like bananas and milk.

          • I hate when a bakery keeps their banana flavored cupcakes in the same box with the good flavors. ALL of the cupcakes end up smelling and tasting like the dreaded banana.

          • I think the only acceptable ways to prepare a banana is in bananan-walnut bread and strawberry banana smoothies. That way there’s one great ingredient to offset the banana.

    • I think the reason it’s starting to feel cramped is that P&R is actually sticking to its premise. There is only so much one can say/do with a show about a small town government. If it ends next season, it will be lovely and a nice perfect thing that ended when it should have. Unlike The Office.

  5. I’m very behind on Archer. I’m also behind on The Americans. I’ve never seen SoA or Justified, though I’ve been meaning to. I’m sure when It’s Always Sunny comes back, I’ll fall behind on that too. I don’t know what it is about FX. They put on shows that are really good that I really like, but I continually fall behind.

  6. I disagree, I thought this week’s New Girl was fantastic. If you asked 2011 FRQ if Schmidt would be the best character on television, he would have slapped you in the face. Well, buddy, YOU WERE WRONG.

    Didn’t get to see Community or The Office, but did you guys know Happy Endings was back? Like, 4 episodes deep? I’m going to spend the weekend catching up.

  7. Last night was the first time I watched Parks and Rec and the animal control dead crow/flintstones horn bird thing on the wall was funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

  8. Drag Race. Not to get too spoiler-y, but halleloo and amen! Now we’re down to the real contestants!

  9. This wraparound McDonald’s ad has an eerily similar approach to one someone who is trying to get me to do drugs would take.

  10. The Jim/Pam thing bugged the shit out of me (as did the entire episode, last few seasons, etc.):

    Pam’s suddenly mad Jim bough the house without consulting her? Duh, she should be mad. Except. She wasn’t when he did it. She was moved.

    Jim’s still mad Pam was with Roy? On some level I get it, but really? So should we think he basically resented her from the start of their relationship? Look at season 4 and how delighted they were by each other’s presence. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Wait, ok, I am not as brave as you and gave up on the Office and its determined spiral into awfulness a few years ago, but fill me in here, because all of the Jim/Pam things I think I understand despite them not really making sense as plot points, but its making me wonder: are they going to have them break up at the end of the series or something? Are you kidding me with this nonsense, writers of the Office?

      • Actually, saturnian, the weirdest thing about this season has been the faux promos for the Office documentary-within-the-show. They comprise 90% footage from the first three seasons. Even the fucking fake filmakers know the show’s heart lies in its first few seasons.

        PS I am a masochistic completist with this show. It’s my own damn fault.

        • That is great. At least there is some semblance of awareness that the show was very obviously at its best in the first three seasons. And I was with you as far as the masochistic completism goes with that show, until around season 7 I think when they had Angela dress up as a slutty nurse for Halloween along with a few other completely nonsensical uses of characters that made me finally give up.

    • AGREED! One of my friends from college has sent me a text each week for the last few weeks saying, “What’s are they doing with Jim and Pam?!” And honestly, I have no idea. There have been such personality shifts in those characters it’s not realistic. But I will watch this show until the very end anyway. UGH.

    • I remember when Jim and Pam first got together it was one of the most joyful things to me. Then their wedding! The look on Jim’s face! What they’re doing to Jim and Pam seems so counter to everything the office is about.

      Maybe they want to show a “realistic” marriage, but the Office has never been about realism. Ugh, I am so glad I’m not really watching anymore.

  11. Harris Wittels and the other guy (sorry, other guy!) were amazing. “We live together!”

    I hate stoner humor as a rule, but that was great.

  12. Psych was so great. Also, that’s a hell of an episode cliffhanger. Also, FINALLY Jules. Christ.

  13. I watch Hell’s Kitchen with my girlfriend and we always get the first few minutes of New Girl at the end of each recording. Do they save the jokes for the last half of the show? Because if I judged it on the opening minutes it seems like a very predictable and terrible show for people with very low entertainment thresholds. What is the joke exactly? That the girl is borderline retarded? That the guys never took acting lessons?

    • I patrol Gotham city have night classes on Tuesday so I watch Hell’s Kitchen on demand. Did they get rid of Jacqueline or Jeremy? If they didn’t, don’t tell me who else, but these guys aren’t so great at the whole professionally cooking for lots of people business.

      • They got rid of Baby Shrek. Not sure if this is a spoiler alert or not, but a future episode has Jacqueline making oinking noises in response to someone else undercooking pork despite the fact that she almost got kicked off for serving raw chicken.

        • I knew it! He wasn’t in the trailer for the next (this week’s episode). How about that lady that quit after the first day?! Didn’t she just up and leave because she sucks and doesn’t do mornings?

          • I don’t think she could handle Nedra, which was fine with me because I couldn’t handle her puppet. That seems like a whole different show that would air on TLC that I wouldn’t watch. My girlfriend figured out Jeremy was leaving via the same method as you. I really hope Dan is gone next, that guy is awful at everything and his impressions of people he’s mad at are all the same and terrible.

  14. Community was abysmal. I actually debated about turning it off.

    • I’m going to watch it soon, but I am really at the point of not watching Community anymore. They’re beating a dead horse.

      • Last week’s was surprisingly good! I feel the same way, that it hasn’t been the same without Dan Harmon, but last week was the best of the season so far to me. Haven’t seen the puppet episode yet, kinda wary.

  15. I also thought New Girl was just good (perhaps because it’s just in comparison of the streak of great episodes it’s had), but still had some really nice moments, like Winston’s awfulness at planning. “Why is Alfredo crying in the elevator?” Good. A nice “let’s coast on the cast’s talent” episode, but not great.

  16. Nathan for You was great!

  17. You know what was super great? Suburgatory. The North Las Vegas Institute For Casino Studies has had me laughing all week.

    Also, I drown out my shame with a pearl Escalade that goes boom.

  18. I didn’t know until after watching it, but Alfredo on New Girl was Earwolf’s Engineer Frank (aka “Dirt Cup”)!! He was great!

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