• Uhhhhhhhhh. So. A girl named Shaina made a video asking Joe Jonas to go to her college formal with her, because that is how the world works now and you don’t want to be the only girl at the dance without a begrudging celebrity on her arm. But then then Joe Jonas responded with his own video? And his own video is TOO MUCH. Like. Way too much. Is Joe Jonas doing okay? -Dlisted
  • Ben Hoffman, of The Ben Show, and Nathan Fielder, of Nathan For You, talked to Vulture about their processes. Are you watching Nathan For You yet? It’s great! -Vulture
  • Not to be outdone, K-Mart has an ad about shitting your pants! -Hypervocal
  • Uh-oh, y’all! I knew there was a reason to get out of bed today and keep breathing in and out in and out in and out! Ch-ch-check out the new Hangover III trailer! -FilmDrunk
  • Oh man! And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the Point Break remake has gotten a director! -NextMovie
  • And finally, Mark Andrews, director of Brave, is writing and directing a new, original project. This one could actually be good news! -/Film
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  1. Point Break Remake:

  2. How can K-Mart still have money left to make commercials? I have been to K-Mart twice in recent years. Once was just because I was shocked that there are still K-Marts out there, and the other time was when I bought something from them online and had to return it to the store. Their customer service supervisor is about 16 years old and literally waxes and twirls his moustache like a cartoon villian. Clearly they’re all about good choices over at K-Mart.

  3. Cool Anchorman joke, Joe Jonas.

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