2009: James Franco portrays a nefarious art dealer on General Hospital named “Franco” as some kind of performance art.
2010: James Franco returns to General Hospital, so is just straight up a soap opera star now?
2012: It is reported that soap opera star James Franco will appear in a Harmony Korine movie called Spring Breakers as a rapper loosely based on Jodi Highroller, aka Riff Raff.
2013: Riff Raff acknowledges his role in James Franco’s performance.
2013: Spring Breakers is released.
2014: Life continues.

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  1. I refuse to believe this Riff Raff person is real. I will continue believing he is an elaborate Franco hoax until someone can prove otherwise.

  2. So the next logical step is for James Franco to put out a rap album as Alien where Riff Raff has a guest verse on the deep, introspective track “Spring Broken.”

  3. is that the “pooping into each others’ butts” emoticon?

  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before in a documentary called The Prestige! (carnival barker voice)

  5. I hate Internet fake rapman Riff Raff/everything

  6. “I guess my ideal guy is one half Riff Raff and one half James Franco”

  7. In the recent WTF interview with Franco, Maron tried to get him to admit that the General Hospital thing was a goof, but he wouldn’t, and went on and on about exploring art in ‘different contexts’. He then got offended when Marc intimated that he was taking himself a little too seriously.

    I think it’s pretty much fair game for Riff Raff to essentially punk him in this way. Settle down with the art school self-importance, Franco.

    • It really sucks that James Franco’s stupid self-importance is being bolstered/exacerbated by people like Marina Abromovic (nope not checking the spelling on that) who act like that he’s actually “important” or something. Like, no! shh! don’t encourage him!

  8. I can’t believe that I’ve been following this, but didn’t Franco disavow Riff Raff as the inspiration for his character, which he claims he modeled on Dangeruss? Also, don’t go down that google hole. All you need to know is that Dangeruss was the white guy with dreads in Spring Breakers. I made the mistake of doing some more research and ended up listening to ‘My Fork’.

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