As I mentioned earlier this week, I saw Jurassic Park 3D over the weekend and it BLEW MY MIND. I highly recommend seeing the move Jurassic Park. It’s good! One thing that bothered me about it (THE ONLY THING, OTHERWISE IT WAS PERFECT) was that I thought the lawyer had his pants pulled down in the one scene — YOU KNOW THE ONE — and I thought, “Why would he have pulled his pants down? He wasn’t really going to the bathroom. This is too much. The rest of it yes, but this is too much.” But as it turns out, he was wearing shorts and in fact did not have them pulled down in that scene. (But in the book he wets himself? IT’S CALLED RESEARCH.) So I guess it’s just perfect? Perfect movie. (Except I also don’t know what Jeff Goldblum’s character is supposed to be.) (Criss Angel scientist?) One thing that’s perfect about it is the dinosaurs (hahaha) (WILL SOMEONE PLEASE JUST TALK TO ME ABOUT JURASSIC PARK?!) and Stan Winston Studios has been releasing a bunch of videos recently that give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they were created. Let’s watch one of them together! Please!

So good. Good job, team! This is a good movie! Rent it! (And watch parts two and three of this!) (Via /Film.)

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  1. He’s a chaotician, Kelly. He’s like a mathematical rock star! Get with the times (the 90s), geez.

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  2. I could watch this all day.

    After seeing it this weekend, I think Nedry might be my favorite…? “Dodgson! Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson here!”

  3. also in the book the guy who wets his pants is Ed Regis who is the head of PR for the project…he gets merged with Gennaro for the movie. Also Gennaro is way less of a douche in the book but he’s still pretty douchey.

  4. God creates novel. God destroys novel. God creates screenwriter. Screenwriter destroys pants-wetting scene. Screenwriter creates wait hold on I have this.

  5. As much as I love Jurassic Park, and as much as I have to suspend my disbelief watching a movie with DINOSAURS WALKING AROUND, I have one big problem with a particular scene, and its lapse in logic is so bad that it takes me right out of the movie, so here goes:

    In the scene where the characters are in the ride contraption learning about DINO DNA (please read with a ridiculous accent), they swing over to where the eggs are hatching, and everyone wants to go down and look. Hammond says they can’t get out until the ride thing is over, but they do so anyways and go down to where the Velociraptors are hatching. THIS IS THE PART THAT KILLS ME: Hammond says that the dinosaur bonds with the first person they see, and that he has been there FOR EVERY FUCKING HATCHING. There are literally dozens of eggs in the area, clearly hatching all the time. If they had stayed in the ride, Hammond would have missed it. They try to cover it up with the line aimed at the technician (“Why didn’t you tell me they were about to hatch?”), but that still doesn’t solve the problem that this is a 70 YEAR OLD MAN WHO WALKS WITH A CANE. There is no way in hell he would be there for every hatching, even if he slept in the room. They could have easily left that line out, but their insistence on keeping an impossible line in ruined the entire experience for me.

    Rant over. Carry on.

    • OOH! Good one. It’s always bothered me that the dino DNA tour has him there, live, interacting with his video self. He’s going on every one of those things?! Between that and the hatchings, I hope he doesn’t have much else scheduled for every single day of his goddamn life.

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