When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I was in an airport flying from somewhere to somewhere else (I’m not realizing that I should probably save this story for some sort of published memoir, as it is clearly too good to give away for free here, but I’ve already started typing and lord knows I have no delete key so I guess everyone will just GET THE GOODS!) and before I entered the plane, when I was sitting in the waiting area, I looked across from me and who did I see? THE DRUMMER FROM EVE 6. Whaaaaat! He signed my Eve 6 CD (which I had on me) and told me about an Eve 6 video that was coming out soon. He was very nice. Rebel Wilson’s story about meeting Russell Crowe is kind of similar, but also kind of different! From Page Six:

During a chat on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” last night, the brassy comedienne explained how she won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship while studying acting at the Australian Theater for Young People.

“Nicole paid for everything!” Wilson, 27, exclaimed. “An apartment, going to see Broadway shows…she doesn’t know about that.”

When Leno asked if she ever thanked Kidman, Wilson replied, “One time in Sydney I saw her having dinner with Russell Crowe and I go, “Ok. Now’s my chance. I’m going to say thank you.”

“But before I could say anything Russell Crowe just turns to me and says, ‘F–k off!’ just put my head down and walked away.”

Very cooooooool! Sometimes you think, ah, if you could just meet that certain celebrity you two would hit it off and be great friends/lovers. And sometimes you’re right! Russell Crowe + Rebel Wilson 4ever. Very very good story!

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  1. I love how the article goes on to say Wilson has had a great year and Crowe has been tweeting photos of “real” UFO’s. Good on, Page Six!

  2. A hope a few Eve 6 google alerts just went off!

  3. The poor Eve6 drummer was wearing the same outfit from the cover of the CD, and he sat behind us in coach. Rock ‘n Roll!

  4. I went to Australia this past summer and while taking various tours around Sydney I learned that tour guides in Australia view the following people as legitimate royalty:

    Nicole Kidman
    Russell Crowe

    • I also imagine there are memorials to Heath Ledger all over the place. Beautiful, beautiful memorials. RIP, you beautiful, beautiful man. Beautiful.

      • No mention of Heath Ledger actually. But it became a running joke between my dad and I that we were on the Official Oprah Tour of Australia, because on seemingly every tour/activity we did, a guide made a point to mention that Oprah had been there recently, as if we were now standing in rarified air.

        Also when we did a tour of the Sydney Opera House and the guide stopped to ask if anyone had any questions, one woman immediately raised her hand and asked who cleaned the opera house, which my dad and I thought was just an A+ question, would ask again.

    • I guess Hugh Jackman is at least another few musicals/Wolverine movies away from it?

    • Yes! we ate at a restaurant that was apparently on the same pier as one of Russell Crowe’s houses or something and the cab driver was pretty excited about telling us that. He was really funny too because he’s talking a bunch of shit about his daughter’s ex-husband and how dumb marriage is and then he’s like “what brings you to Australia?” and we’re like “we’re on our honeymoon!” and he was really awkward and was basically like “good luck with that.”

  5. When I was 21 (so about a million years ago, give or take) I was behind the guitarist from the Killers in the security line at the airport. I didn’t say anything though, because it was like 5 am and airport security sucks and it was right after the shoe bomber guy, so everything was nutty.

    Cool story, lbt. Just mail me all the Pulitzers.

    • Once I was behind Fisher Stevens in line at a burrito place at O’Hare. I also didn’t say anything because I couldn’t remember his name, and the only thing I could remember him from was Early Edition, and I think both Fisher and I are probably ashamed of our association with that show.

    • Have you seen the Werner Herzog documentary short piece thing about them? Is it good? Someone tell me if it is good.

    • I accidentally blocked Lady Gaga’s car in the driveway of her hotel.

    • One time I was doing laundry in my apartment and Russell Crowe stuck his head in my window and told me to fuck off.

    • My parents went through security and then boarded a flight with the Dropkick Murphys. Still not sure how they recognized them, as no one in my family cares about the Dropkick Murphys. Nonetheless my starstruck mom kept texting me about it until they took off.

    • Jack White came into the museum where I used to work. The gift shop ladies refused to call me however, so I didn’t get to see him. But he was 2 floors above my office! And then he mentioned it at the concert that night!

    • I saw Henry Rollins (post-Black Flag; pre-Bob Rainicorn) in an airport when I was about 16. I must have been staring, because he winked at me.

  6. I hate when celebrities act all like “I want my privacy” etc. Please, you entered into this contract – be nice to a young girl. Jesus. What is wrong with him?

  7. I’m jelly jels of your celeb story, Kelly. I thought I was hot shit in 7th grade because I knew all the words to “Inside Out” and I would pass out handwritten copies of the lyrics to my friends in shop class. If I had seen one of the members of the band in the flesh, I would have been the most popular girl in school for sure!

  8. On the bright side, at least he didn’t throw his phone at her.

  9. It’s no surprise she was eating with Russell Crowe, because there’s only 8 celebrities in Australia and when you’re a celebrity you can’t have dinner with a non-celebrity (duh!) so they just have to rotate.

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