Does it work? Does the camo work? Petman? Petman, does the camo work? ANSWER ME, PETMAN! Guys, I’m worried about Petman. Maybe we should stop the camo test. I know we need to know whether or not the camo works, and obviously Petman is the most qualified to test the camo, but at this point we have to ask ourselves: IS IT WORTH IT?

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  1. Does Petman live in the Petting Zoo?

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  2. i don’t get this video. it’s just a bunch of guys at computers staring at an empty treadmill?

  3. May I suggest an alternate soundtrack?

  4. Worst superhero ever.

  5. When you’re walking in your camo, and your butthole goes kablammo.

  6. Mom, I want a Petman.

  7. Whelp, it looks like it’s time to pack it in. The robots are stretching and testing their comfy pants. It’s only a matter of time now.

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