• The Wolverine direct James Mangold has been tweeting some behind-the-scenes photos from the film’s shoot. Would you like to look at them? Some of them are pretty, and some of them just look like normal film stuff!  -/Film
  • John Mulaney gets a tarot card reading in the latest episode of The Future, Emily Heller’s weekly web series. It’s a real treat! I mean it! -AboveAverageNetwork
  • Australian morning TV host Karl Stefanovic interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger and was just loving it the entire time. Sometimes morning TV hosts interview Arnold Schwarzenegger and you’re like, “Eh, they don’t seem to be having a lot of fun,” but this time you’re not like that at all! -FilmDrunk
  • Do YOU care that The Jay Z’s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime? Cher? Murray? Anyone?! -Dlisted
  • IFC ordered a million pilots and scripts from everybody. Ch-ch-check it out! -THR
  • And finally, The Week would like to talk to you about why it’s a mistake to revive a dead Avengers character for TV. Is it because it’s not in God’s plan? Click to find out! -TheWeek
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  1. It always amuses me when lower-level celebrities have the word “REAL” at the beginning of their Twitter handles. Like I’m sure there were so many Stacey Dash impostors on Twitter before she locked that one down. As if!

    • When I was your age, we had this thing called MySpace, which was like Facebook for perverts. Once when I was very very bored, I learned that there were no fewer than 17 active profiles claiming to belong to Jodi Sweetin. So I guess ANYTHING is possible.

      • I have a friend who, when she was a teenager, used to meet up with her real-life friends in Jodi Sweetin chat rooms because they knew no one else would be in there.

        • Oh man, I just remembered the time we, as Monsters, collectively feuded with Jodi Sweetin. Is that still a sore subject around here?

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  2. Man, of all the things Jay-Z and Beyonce have done, this is pretty far from being the worst. Remember that time that they put the lives of a whole bunch of babies at risk by covering up the cameras in the maternity ward, because they didn’t want any video of their own stupid baby leaking out? Remember the time Beyonce fired the rest of Destiny’s Child but didn’t actually tell them? Remember the time Jay-Z sold Occupy Wall Street shirts and did not use the proceeds to support any occupation of any Wall Streets in any way?

  3. Wolverine looks handsome

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