It was announced early this morning that, following the accidental death of Buckwild‘s Shain Gandee, MTV is canceling the dangerous nightmare of a reality series. This makes sense. Filming a reality show about kids approaching life (like, actual life) with reckless abandon — going muddin’, doing backflips off of a roof into a truck full of water, agreeing to be on an MTV reality show, etc. — is only “fun” (though in this case it was not fun!) until ONE OF THEM DIES DOING IT. We all agree on this, right? Right, Buckwild producer J.P. Williams? Considering that you actually know these people as human beings, you must understand? From The Hollywood Reporter:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter late Tuesday, Williams, who manages most of the cast members and produces the show, took particular aim at MTV for pulling the plug midway through filming on the second season.

“This is the network that has shows about teen pregnancy. They’ll stick by a show that allows you to abandon a child, but a kid dies by accident doing what he does for a living [mudding] and they cancel the show?” he fumes. “There’s something that smells of s— here on every level.”

Wait, Shain Gandee mudded (mudded?) for a living? I THOUGHT HE WAS A GARBAGE MAN! (He was.) (And he was delighted with it in a way that made me envious.) If J.P. Williams is saying Gandee mudded “for a living” to mean that that is what MTV expected his character to do on his reality show, then, uh, again, OBVIOUSLY THE SHOW SHOULD BE CANCELED? “He was just doing what we were paying him to do! Of course he was going to die! It was very dangerous!” What a piece of shit, this guy. But he is right on one count: If you’re going to cancel Buckwild, you should also have to cancel all of the other exploitative series about nightmare people doing harm to both themselves and to others. Cancel the whole channel! You had your moment in the sun, MTV, and it was a good moment, but now you’re just on fire in a garbage dump somewhere and it’s painful to watch. Go away. R.I.P.

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  1. Remember when the M in MTV used to mean something? I think it was mudding.

  2. After this guy died, I made a tasteless joke on Facebook about how experts have confirmed the cause of death as lack of oxygen to the brain (which is technically the cause of every death ever). Then it turns out he died of carbon monoxide poisoning, so what I said was PRETTY ACCURATE, and now people think I was genuinely posting a very serious update about his death. I’ll never live this down. What a tragedy.

  3. I get confused, because when I hear people talk about ‘Buckwild’, I presume they mean the contestant on Flavor of Love named Buckwild, and then get depressed that I am familiar enough with the Flavor of Love contestants to immediately identify them by name. I am the problem.

    • I also think of Buckwild from Flavor of Love. Shame on us.

    • I think of George Costanza’s porn name, Buck Naked.

    • but also, flava of love was pretty much the best collection of people who i might have known in real life/used to live in the neighborhood i grew up in. it was actual reality teevee, a dating show with real folks who would spit in your face if you pissed them off. you didn’t feel like the producers were trying to choose contestants that only looked like models. they were just regular shit-shows. also, it led to the classic i love new york which led to a real chance at love…damn. vh1 is also pretty awful.

      • Don’t forget that one weird show where we followed New York around while she tries to find a job. I might still quote that.

      • Flavor of Love will always be the greatest reality show ever because of THAT TIME THE GIRL POOPED ON THE STAIRS! Nothing will EVER happen on reality television that will be as awesome/hilarious/shocking/victimless* as this happening.

        *except the guy who had to clean it up.

    • I always think of the D.I.T.C. producer

  4. Just bring back Dave Kendall and all will be forgiven.

  5. I’ve never even heard of this – I’m officially past the MTV demographic.

  6. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” – George Washington, I think. I dunno. I watch MTV way too much to learn about politics and stuff.

  7. Does anyone else feel like the people running MTV are those people immediately start recording and livetweet a bloody accident on their smartphones when they should be calling an ambulance?

  8. Between this, Ready For Love (don’t watch it if you didn’t already), and the fact that I just learned a significant number of people are celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death in disgusting ways, let’s just cancel society altogether.

    • while i won’t celebrate the death of anyone, i did read a kind of funny piece of graff; “iron lady? rust in pieces.”

      • That’s at least humorous. But Chumbawumba pre-selling a hate-filled song about her almost a decade ago, only to be distributed upon her death? That is more appalling than a Muse concert.

        • and also just as culturally relevant.


        • “If we must show a little reverence and decorum at this time, then so be it. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of all Margaret Thatcher’s victims. They’ve been knocked down, but they’ll get up again.” – Chumbawumba

    • Did you read the AV Club’s review of Ready for Love today? They make a pretty convincing argument about why society is going down the tubes. Also, did you know that one of the guys on the show is from the band that did that “Hey There Delilah” song. I did not.

    • Margaret Thatcher actively worked to make a lot of people’s lives worse and it is their right to protest her legacy and the PM who is leaning on her crap policies to create the same kinds of despair. Reading stories about kids (adults) who were celebrating because their miner/Welsh/Irish/gay parents didn’t live to see her pass was kind of wonderful. If only we could remember Regan for his shit policies that put our terrible situations into play… Though I did do a little jump kick when I got a message that he died. That whole era of bullshit policy making that stripped environmental and industrial progress so bankers and the upper classes could deregulate everything and profit from the mergers and stripping of companies, towns and sections of the earth is criminal. Fuck Thatcher. Fuck Reagan. Fuck all of that garbage. (Also everyone else but I have to go back to my day job.)

      • And that’s not even mentioning all the vocal support and taxpayer dollars both of them said/spent propping up dictators around the world, plus Reagan’s gross fiscal irresponsibility. What a terrible fucking decade.

  9. If whatever paperwork MTV had this kid sign prevents a gargantuan lawsuit, I will be very disappointed in out legal system. As usual.

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