Back to the days when your old college roommate would blast LMFAO while you stood behind him with so much paint on your face. You have to wonder: Are they still out there, somewhere, listening to LMFAO? Did the paint have a lasting negative effect on your skin? Did you learn what you could from each other? Did everyone make it out okay? (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. Before we get into our usual daily shenanigans, do we have any sports nerdz awake yet? I stumbled across my old baseball cards, and while it’s unlikely that they’re worth anything, it’s certainly worthwhile to check, I think. Anybody know anything about pricing baseball cards, and how I should go about this?

  2. Oh man, I actually had the best possible freshman roommate situation. There were 3 of us and we all got along instantly and hung out in a pack and played cool music for each other (that’s how I learned about Sleater-Kinney!) and had tiny dance parties and dyed each others’ hair and just generally got along.

    I don’t understand where this kid is coming from at all, and he seems like a total asshole.

  3. This is what I want to say to do to my very brief goth period in 10th grade:

  4. My freshman year roommate used to play “Paper Bag” by Fiona Apple on a loop, which was unfair because I liked Fiona Apple, but she ruined the song for me for a decade after that. She also used to very loudly sing “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent during quiet hours.

  5. Oh man, me and my freshman year college roommate probably this-kid’ed each other a bunch. I was/am a tiny goth-ish kid (no Juggalo make-up from me, I promise! just a lot of black clothing with spikes and studs!) who was always playing Peaches and Miss Kittin and he was a seven foot tall smelly frat boy who only listened to Led Zepplin.

    We got along really well about pretty much everything except music though. We both played a lot of Final Fantasy.

    • Mystic Quest?

    • That just brough back a very visceral smell-memory of boys’ dorms with their mounds of dirty clothes that they would just Febreez and put back on. I still catch a whiff of it every once in a while here because I live in a college town and there are frat guys everywhere. Blue oxford shirt + khakis + BO + spray-on wrinkle releaser + Febreeze = COLLEGE!!

      • My neighbor my freshman year was filthier than any boys’ room I ever saw. My friend created a safety zone by lofting her bed and draping a sheet so she could keep one area clean. Otherwise, the other chick had all kinds of filth lying around. I once found a week-old bowl of cool whip sitting on a windowsill, next to a bowl of spit out nut shells. Mounds of clothing and odd things (a violin which SHE DIDN’T EVEN PLAY) regularly avalanched all over the place.
        She’s the only person I know who actually failed room inspections because the room was a health hazard.

  6. I haven’t heard from my freshman year roommate in awhile but I’m pretty sure he ended up marrying Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis.”

  7. my college roommate was from bolivia, barely spoke english, and loved him some techno. i was introduced to vengaboys for hours at a time. he also had a bizarre fascination with “beautiful day” by U2, which provided an acceptable break from the techno every once in a while. his constant techno fueled partying caused his grades to slump drastically my freshman year, so towards the end he spent every waking hour in the library studying. i opted to room with him again the next year and barely knew he was there. diego was the best.

  8. “Dude I’m rushing Sigma Sigma Die in the fall.”

  9. my freshman year college roommate ended up being my best friend. we were randomly assigned based on the alphabet and now we’re super best friends! She’s the greatest person on the planet and when people meet her, they’re always like, man your best friend really is the coolest! and I’m like I know that’s why we’re best friends!

  10. Last night I was this guy (figuratively)!

    So my class is in this computer lab, and for the hour leading up to my class, my classmates and I slowly trickle in to hang out and finish up on our work. It’s a free period, so every time we come in, there’s a couple of people we don’t know using the computers. Well last night, 2 guys take up half the space and were loudly having a conversation. They were also playing (cat)fight videos on the PCs at full blast and giving color commentary. So pretty much all of us sat on the other side of the room and were quietly seething until it was time for them to leave.

    I feel your pain, silent juggalo!

  11. Nice Darkthrone shirt. PURE NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL!! FFVVCCKK!

  12. My most memorable college roommate was named Johnathan (not John, NEVER John!) and tucked his sweaters into his pants. He would sit at the edge of the kitchen eating his tv dinners on his lap while watching Babylon 5. We said he was more than welcome to sit on the couch and watch tv while he ate, but he never did. For my 20th birthday I had a crazy party that included a friend of mine dancing on our roof outside of his bedroom window on LSD and he didn’t even notice. I’m sure he’s married to a lovely body pillow now.

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