I came across probably the most fun, exciting, insightful, and thought-provoking headline I have ever seen this morning, and I just had to share: “Various Celebs At The Airport.” OH PLEASE TELL ME MORE! Margaret Thatcher is looking down at us from heaven (or up at us from hell, depending on which blogs you read) and shaking her head that the world moves on so fast. Not even in the ground yet and already there is BREAKING IMPORTANT NEWS. The only constant is change, etc. What a wild world we live in! Anyway, here you can see Hugh Jackman, Eva Longoria, Maria Menounos, Kellan Lutz, Jason Segel, and Ashley Greene, all of them AT THE AIRPORT. You could not find a more diverse group of various celebs, probably. Guys, stay with me, I know it is hard to keep up, but it’s very important to stay informed. We will continue to bring developments on this important story about Various Celebs At The Airport as the details are made available to the public. In the meantime, have you ever been to an airport? Leave your most embarrassing airport experiences in the comments! #CELEBS

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  1. If Ashley Greene is a celeb, then I am Mickey Mouse!!!

    • That photo isn’t even at the linked site. I think Gabe took that one and snuck it in here.

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  2. I don’t mean to downplay the importance of this story, but since you mentioned Maggie T. I would like to share this image I saw today of One Direction fans’ responses to Harry Styles tweeting “RIP Baroness Thatcher x”:

    Which one is you, flanny?

  3. I once sat next to UK Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy on a plane.

    • That is so much classier than my flight next to Jerry Springer.

    • My friend’s dad once sat next to the founder of Menard’s, the regional home improvement chain, but the dad was from an area where there weren’t Menard’s, and he said you could tell the guy was angry disappointed.

      • There was this obnoxious kid at my elementary school who would go around singing the Menard’s jingle, but he would say “Save big money at my nads!” I bet the founder would LOVE that story, pass it along to your dad just in case.

        • I’m not sure what sort of money I would spend at anyone’s nads, and then I’m not sure if I would want a discount on nads, you know? I’d like my nads full-priced.

          When my friend’s dad was telling the story, as soon as he mentioned Menard’s, we all scream/sang the jingle at him. It’s catchy!

        • I’m 28, well out of elementary, and I still chuckle every time I hear or see that name. I don’t suppose I’ll be growing out of it. Menard’s!

      • Menard’s isn’t regional!!! Not at ALL!!! They make those shitty ads super shitty on purpose so everyone has local pride about the store. I cannot even begin to tell you my ire upon learning that fact. It’s like when the carpet store from Chicago started doing national ads and everyone thought it was local and it totally wasn’t. Or how I have been reading the Onion since 1992.


    • I nearly got hit by Richard Dean Anderson when he was coming out of a hotel in Vancouver on a bike.

      • Normally I have no interest in celebrities doing mundane things but I would pay cash money to see that edited into the MacGyver opening credits.

  4. What is the fascination of celebrities at the airport? I get taking pictures of actors on the set of a movie or out at events, maybe even walking their dog, but the airport?

    When will we get an installment of “Various Celebrities at the Grocery Store.” Sounds even more exciting than the airport.

  5. I was going to make a joke that when Hugh Jackman flies, he always flys “X-Men: First Class.” Great joke, FLW. But as I was looking for a proper clapping.gif, I realized he wasn’t in that movie, so I deleted the whole thing. Then, I remembered he was in in and had one line where he told McAvoy and Fassbender to go fuck themselves, but instead of retyping the whole thing, I just started writing this comment instead. Cool story. Welcome back upvotes!

  6. Did you guys see the story last week about Halle Berry’s boyfriend getting into a fight with the paparazzi?

    I guess they were walking through the airport (so exciting and glamorous!) with Berry’s daughter, and all these photographers were invading their personal space. Berry told them to move away because of her daughter, but they wouldn’t leave them alone, so her boyfriend kicked one of them or something.

    Anyway, that story made me a little sad because – why can’t you just leave someone alone, especially when they have a kid in their arms? And if you absolutely must capture this moment of someone walking to baggage claim, I assume you have a zoom lens or digital zoom on your paparazzi camera, so maybe don’t be within a certain radius of a 5 year old kid?

  7. Generally, when you attempt to board a plane before your zone has been called, the gate agent will tell you that and ask you to step back until your zone number comes up. When I flew to Colorado a few years ago and made that honest mistake (I SWEAR), some assface decided to make an example of me. “Please board only when your row has been called, unlike THIS GENTLEMAN”. It was fucking embarrassing. To this day, I am still haunted by those words… “THIS GENTLEMAN”.

    • That sucks! Something similar happened to me recently on a train. My sister and I were going to visit a family member in the hospital, and we didn’t know that we had sat in a “quiet car” because we aren’t regular commuters and there was only a very tiny sign, and the conductor yelled at us in front of everybody because we were having a conversation at a normal volume, and then made an announcement over the speaker for the whole train about being quiet in the quiet cars :(

    • TBF the system is a mess and I’ve gone in ahead of my group a number of times and they never said anything.

  8. Does no one notice Jason Segel’s pee pants? I have a four-year-old and I see a lot of pee pants, and those pants sure look like pee pants. Maybe he was flying Air Depardieu?

  9. I was at an airport and I saw Tig Notaro and I said to my boyfriend OMG it’s Tig Notaro and he said who? And I said the lady cop from Sarah Silverman’s show and he said “oh yeah” and then Sarah Silverman walked up to her and they went on their way. I have to say that they both looked adorable in real life.

  10. I want more photos of celebrities stuffing their faces at the airport Cinnabon.

  11. I was once stuck in an airport late at night, stuck with a delayed flight, when I suddenly thought I saw J.M. Coetzee. It was bizarre. Is he used to getting recognized? Is he not the writer least likely to want to talk to anyone? Then he smiled and I knew it wasn’t him.

  12. God, okay, I just want an excuse to talk about this but if you are into Korean pop airport photos are the most normal, common thing in the world, so it completely slipped my mind that this could even be at all remarkable. “Oh, yeah, I do wonder what Gilme was wearing at Incheon Airport.” — everyone for some reason?? Ok bye hope I get to make a joke soon

  13. this is my job. i edit photos like these. every. single. day.

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