How appropriate that this morning we welcome the return of Idaho’s rapping weatherman at the same time we welcome the return of our comment voting system. Two of our favorite flavors back together once again! “But…do we really need these things?” you might wonder. “Is it not true that life was better without the secondhand embarrassment provided by the rapping weatherman, simpler when commenting was done merely for the sake of the comment itself and not for the hope of voting acknowledgement?” And I can’t answer that for you. What I can say is that maybe you’re over-thinking it all a bit? Maybe you should just enjoy the rap that the weatherman put together for your entertainment and the transparent hope of viral success, and do whatever you want with the comments! Live your life. But, again, I can’t answer it for you. #50shadesofgrey #mondaze (Via Hypervocal.)


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  1. I don’t know what this says about me, but in the 7 Day Forecast, but I thought “Chc. of Showers” stood for “Chocolate of Showers.”

  2. I wanted to watch this but then he used the phrase “glorious mustache” and “maybe I can touch it later?” and I had to stop.


  4. This morning I was greeted with the announcement that The National released their new single, only to be frustrated that I have to wait 8 hours until I get home from work to be able to listen to it. But then I come here and find that this inability to use sound at work makes it impossible for me to listen to a weatherman from Idaho who raps and may or may not make a terrible pun about 50 Shades of Grey (As if there are any other kinds of puns about 50 Shades of Grey) and it all evens out. Karma works in mysterious ways and also rapping weathermen.

    • This is not the appropriate place to voice this complaint, but still. Have any of you read Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde? I really liked that book! Did you know that 50 Shades of Grey is not actually a sequel to that at all? Take my word for it. Also good to note: Deliverance is not actually a buddy comedy.

    • It is a good single! They are continuing doing that thing the best bands do: change things just enough for it all to be interesting and new, but still always sound like what you already love.

  5. Remember in the 90s, when everybody rapped, even crash test dummies? Remember how embarrassing that was in retrospect? This guy obviously doesn’t.

  6. Kelly, I think you are giving me and my brain way too much credit this morning, as so far the best semblance of a thought I can claim is “….pantswhat?”

  7. “Maybe I can touch it later?”

  8. Imagine all the fun they have at work. Enforced fun is the best kind of fun!

  9. ♫ Predict so well you’d swear I’m a Mayan ♫ I can’t get over how a trained metereologist compared his craft to Mayan calendar making. In 2013.

  10. I learned abosolutely nothing about the weather forecast for tomorrow.

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