It’s crazy how selfish some people can be, you know? You try to be empathetic, you try not to judge, but sometimes it seems heartbreakingly futile. You try to think that human beings are generally good, but then something like this happens and…I don’t know. It just gets a little more difficult. Right? It’s like, just give us a fucking Gossip Girl movie already! GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. From Star Magazine, via Celebitchy:

Blake Lively is infuriating her former Gossip Girl castmates by refusing to take part in a big-screen adaptation!

“She’s being pressured on all sides to sign on,” reports a spy close to the cast, “but she thinks it’s a terrible idea and is desperate to avoid the project.”

Blake’s ex-colleagues are begging her to reconsider.

“Blake feels terrible for them, because she knows some are desperate for work, but she says she’s doing them all a favor… she’s convinced a Gossip Girl flick would flop even worse than her other movies, Green Lantern and Savages. She’s sticking to her guns on this one.”

“I’m convinced a Gossip Girl flick would flop even worse than my other movies, Green Lantern and Savages.” -Blake Lively. Hahah. She’s famously candid and very hard on herself. Relax, girl! And also: ARE YOU SERIOUSLY RUINING OUR LIFE RIGHT NOW, BLAKE LIVELY?! How dare you keep us from getting the Gossip Girl movie we deserve, and how dare you keep your former coworkers from squeezing every last dollar they can out of this franchise. There are so many questions left unanswered! Like, ahh, where did Chuck’s son buy his tiny suit? And uhh, what, umm, does…Blaire…do…now? How’s Blaire’s dad? “NOT ENOUGH!” Haha. Does he still say “not enough”? Is there a new Gossip Girl, maybe? Is it still Dan? What’s Dan’s dad’s waffle recipe? Will anyone fucking ever make a Videogum reference? BLAKE, PLEASE RECONSIDER, THE FANS NEED ANSWERS!

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  1. Who needs Blake Lively? They can totally Marissa Cooper her for the movie and say somebody pushed her off a cliff to her death, RIP, and now Dan is a grieving widower who finds comfort in the arms of his one true love, Nelly Yuki. PROBLEM SOLVED. GREEN LIGHT.

  2. I’ve never watched an episode of Gossip Girl, but if they dropped a videogum reference in there I’d pay the $12 to see the movie on opening night. Step up, Blake.

  3. Is…am I actually on Blake Lively’s side on this??? She (along with the rest of the cast members) should focus on other works. Literally any works. Like, maybe a pottery class.

  4. Classic Serena dick-move.

  5. Don’t worry Kelly, if I am ever the producer of a tv show I will totally make Videogum references. Even if that show is a period piece set in the early 19th century, my characters will be talking about how Andrew Jackson is totally your boyfriend.

  6. I went to her IMDB page just to see what I’ve been missing and apparently it’s not much. So good for her for being like “guys, I don’t want to do the Gossip Girl movie! Get over it!”

  7. Savages looked really good, I just never saw it advertised anywhere or noticed it playing at any theatres and none of my friends had ever heard of it so I didn’t see it. Did anyone see it? Was it really good? Definitely Blake Lively looked like the weakest link in that trailer, though.

  8. You guys, go to this video and pause it at 2:15.

    When did the Humphrey’s have a cat? I don’t know why, but when I watched this video, I just thought it was really hilarious that Dan Humphrey had a cat watching over him as he worked on his best writing as GG.

    • Maybe it was taxidermied? It didn’t move AT ALL. Plus isn’t taxidermy a cool hipster hobby that is super popular with the Williamsburg writing about the Upper East Side scene?

      That scene with Kristen Bell and Summer Roberts always makes me laugh. KBell should go on Hart of Dixie for an arc, maybe hang out with my main mayor, Levon Hayes. She just dumped Seth Cohen on House of Lies so it could work…

      • Hahaha. Dan is going to try out for that Immortalized show on AMC. That’s why he can’t be in the Gossip Girl movie.

        I have to catch up with House of Lies. I’ve only seen the first couple episodes of season 2. Kristen Bell is really great on that show, but I find myself kind of bored with it when she is not on screen.

        I hadn’t seen the OC, then the Soap Opera channel started playing reruns, and I started getting sucked in, and then all of a sudden it was gone. :(

        I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Hart of Dixie – my DVR records 15 minutes past the Carrie Diaries, so I see 5-10 minutes of Hart of Dixie from time to time.

        Is anyone else here watching the Carrie Diaries? It’s not so great, but the girl that plays Carrie is super adorable, and the way she plays the character makes it fun to watch.

  9. ugh just because you married Ryan Reynolds means your above anything

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