I haven’t started watching Game of Thrones yet, though I plan to soon, but one thing I’ve noticed from everyone else talking about it is that this blonde-haired girl is VERY BEAUTIFUL! Is that a thing on the show? Is she a beautiful princess and is the whole show about men competing to be her prince, because they can’t get enough of her beauty? So it’s like a game for the throne? I think I get it. It sounds fun, I can’t wait! LET’S LOOK AT GIFS!

Games of Thrones Season 3 premiered!

No one had energy for the Tonight Show thing!

Ryan Cabrera, whoever that is, had a pretty special tattoo!

Bradley Cooper has a PEEEERRRRRRRM!

Tom Hardy met a young Bane fan and explained that he missed the whole fucking point!

Christopher Abbott left Girls!

And, finally, we all watched comedy on TV!

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  1. 1, This bothered me but then I forgot about it until I saw these gifs, but why was Ghost pulling white walkers off of Sam when Jon is a million miles away with Mance?
    2, At pub quiz on Wed I totally took your advice and awkwardly worked Bradley Cooper’s perm into conversation, and then we all googled it and made fun of his hair for a while, and ended up naming our team “Bradley Cooper’s Perm” and lost by a million points.

  2. The season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones was the first full episode I watched of that show. Who was that little girl/monster who gave Daenerys the old-timey scorpion pokemon ball?

    • I don’t know who she was but she was horrifying! I bet we’ll find out.

    • Last season Dany pissed off / burned to death a religious order that drinks potions to give themselves visions and (they believe) magical powers, and this potion turns their lips blue. You may recall (well, not *you* SpecialK as you’ve never seen the show) that the main guy looked like the Dean from Community. The little girl had blue lips, so was probably either one of them in a magic disguise or was sent by them.

  3. The beautiful blond queen is my second favorite character on Game of Thrones after the little man (can’t remember any of the characters’ names). She is so brilliant and she is the mother of some baby dragons–for real! Not a metaphor!!

  4. Someone sent me this gif earlier today and it’s been cracking me up all afternoon.

    Work, bunny, work! Make them billz!

  5. Because this is still making me laugh:

  6. I will definitely be spending my weekend trying to figure out how to do that double braid crown thingy, because that is amazing.

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