This violinist is definitely very dope but the jugglers behind him are still dorks. Nice try, juggling dorks. You might as well have kept practicing next to the ren fair guys having wooden sword fights for all the good it did you.

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  1. Ain’t nutin but a G string baby.

  2. So yesterday I was walking through the Atlantic-Pacific station in Brooklyn, and there were buskers there. There’s always something, this is a prime spot – and yesterday is was african drummers.

    Coming in the opposite direction was this little girl. She was probably like four. It appeared like she didn’t have parents – they must have been there somewhere but they had a relaxed attitude towards filial proximity. She was walking past the drummers with a kind of dazed, bug-eyed expression that said HOLY SHIT THIS IS INCREDIBLY INTENSE AND ALSO COMPLETELY AWESOME. It was adorable.

    The guys really picked up on it, too, they were beaming. I wish I could have caught it on video.

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