The trailer for Paris, Not France, the 68-minute documentary that followed Paris Hilton around the world in a quest to try to make her seem interesting hit the internet this weekend. The movie has been criticized for not being no-holds-barred enough, but judging from the trailer, maybe we should be easier on the director. At this point, the Occam’s Razor on Paris Hilton is that she really IS as boring as she seems.

Like MTV’s Britney documentary last year, Paris, Not France looks like an unintentional (“I mean, whatever”) mockumentary, but Paris Hilton is so fundamentally without thoughts that even Errol Morris probably couldn’t have made a good movie with this material. (Sorry to give her even a tiny bit more attention.)

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  1. you know that it’s not actually no-holds-barred because we never see paris doing coke, getting wasted, and embarrassing herself at clubs.

  2. ben (waiting for the perfect GIF)  |   Posted on May 18th, 2009 +5

    She was just giving the audience what they wanted. Sympathy gene, why aren’t you kicking in?!!!

  3. Hey man, booty is booty.

  4. The first thing that comes out of her mouth in the trailer is already untrue. I do not see her as a “Barbie with a perfect life, whatever.” I see her as a completely useless human being who should be ashamed that people (myself included) even give her the time of day, whatever.

  5. I have trouble listening to her go on about her feeling like she’s under the microscope. The fact that she exists and shows up at things is why she’s famous. That would be like a chef getting upset that people always want him to cook.

  6. “People see me as my carefully maintained personal brand, so…whatever.”

  7. I’m glad that she’s no longer everywhere I look.

  8. “Make no face, just look at me blank.” And Paris was born

  9. I wish I was so privileged that I could build a legit business off of being a tall, vapid blonde.

    Still waiting for her to become completely, undeniably irrelevant. Stupid hot chicks can stretch that 15 minutes to incredible lengths.

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