I have gotten to a place in my life where I will literally drop EVERYTHING to watch the new Froggy Fresh video. Phone calls, doctor’s appointments, casseroles, hopes and dreams: all are put on hold until the viewing party is done. It doesn’t hurt that this shit is getting so epic, David Simon is like “I am embarrassed of The Wire now because I finally see what a truly modern examination of the human condition would look like.” So dope. Fuck James and his whole family and also their hospital security business, though. (Theory: is James even a person? Or is that the name of an international crime syndicate that is out to destroy Froggy and Mike and their bicycles and their moms?) Oh shoot, OK, this has been fun but I better check on that casserole!

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  1. RIP, Tupac. Everybody misses you.

  2. Froggy peeking from behind the curtain = perfect

  3. um, I know I’m a bit of a documented cryer (person who cries, not relative of Jon) at this point, but did anyone else come pretty close to shedding a real single tear when Froggy put the unconscious Mike in the wagon and had blood on his shirt?

    This is how you do a modern musical drama series. I’m looking at YOU, SMASH.

    Plus, doctors hi-fiving after successful resuscitation? You just got pwned way-too-many-seasons-of ER

  4. I can’t figure out where my ironic enjoyment of this ends and my earnest enjoyment begins.

  5. RIP Mac Miller T-shirt.

  6. I wonder which comes first- the lyrics or the video concept. Either way, a new Froggy Fresh video is always welcome. Of COURSE James’ mom is just as evil is James is. What an awful family.

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