• The new season of Arrested Development has gotten its Netflix release date! Now you know when to plan your parties, but is there even enough time?! -PopCultureBrain
  • This video was tipped to us from a man named Jonathan who began his email, “hi kelly i heard you like babies,” so I think we’re getting married now? Not sure how the laws work. In any case, here is a baby with a lightsaber. -Hypervocal
  • We now know that Emma Watson is not going to be our Cinderella in the live-action remake, but will Richard Madden, AKA Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, be our Prince Charming?! STAAAAARK! -/Film 
  • Want to watch a supercut of every single film reference included in 30 Rock? If so! -Film.com
  • There’s an Amanda Bynes impersonator walking around NYC right now and I really hope she knows. Can you imagine? Your picture being in a tabloid by mistake?! That would be the best, I would frame it. -Dlisted
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  1. Richard Madden is dreamy as hell and would make a great Prince Charming, but please please please let him use his Scottish accent!!

  2. I have been planning my Arrested Development party for a long time and I guess now it has a date! On a Sunday? Okay, why not.

    • Oooh, what’s it involve?

      • ice cream sandwiches, cornballs, frozen bananas, hot ham water, skips scramble, candy hearts, mayoneggs, virgin daqueris, unlimited juice, banger in the mouth, a whole thing of candy beans, poisoned muffins, spicy club sauce, margarita made in mouth, pop secret, curly fries, and, of course, ice. You can’t have a party without ice.

  3. Time to get my banana suit out of storage.

  4. “Why do they even make baby sabers?” Classic.

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