1. “Have you seen any Bradley Cooper movies lately?” you can ask to someone standing by the drinks. “Oh sure, I saw that Oscar winner — Silver Linings Playbook? That one was good,” they’ll respond. “Did you see Bradley Cooper’s hair in it?” you ask. “Have you seen what it looks like now?”
  2. “I like your perm,” you say to someone with curly hair. “Bradley Cooper has one just like it, have you seen it? Let me show you a picture, I have it on my phone.”
  3. Enter into a conversation already in progress. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry to interrupt,” you can say, and then say, “BRADLEY COOPER’S HAIR THOUGH, DRY RAMEN NOODLES? But like I know it’s for a movie.”
  4. Say out loud to no one: “Would I get a bad hairstyle for a movie like Bradley Cooper did for the new one he’s filming with Jennifer Lawrence? Yeah. I mean, it depends on how much money I’d be making, but it would probably be a lot. And it’s not like my hair is that great anyway, hah.”
  5. “Did you get a chance to read that New Yorker article about Bradley Cooper’s perm?”
  6. Pick up a snack and say to your friend, “What’s this look like to you? Bradley Cooper’s current hairstyle?” It’s just a joke, though, and your friend will think it’s funny.
  7. Drop some old movie ticket stubs around a cute stranger and wait for them to pick them up for you. “Ugh, I’m so stupid, but I looooove movies. Have you seen the hair Bradley Cooper has for his new one?”
  8. If there’s a TV in the room you can ask if someone will turn it on for you. “I have to see if there’s any new news about Bradley Cooper,” you can explain. “His hair now, I mean.”
  9. Oh, this is an obvious one: Do your hair like Bradley Cooper’s and point to it and be like, “Get it?”
  10. “I love hair,” you can say, and then see if they bring it up.

(Thanks for the tip, Mary!)

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  1. Bradley Coolperm

  2. “Do you ever read this blog Videogum?”
    “Well it was nice to meet you.”
    “Wait, what?”
    “More like Robert Downer Jr. YA BURNT!”

    • Ha! I loved this post so much. It’s funny how many times that comes up at work, “Hey, did you see that news about Bradley Cooper’s hair?” “No.” “Do you perchance read Videogum?” “…No.” “K, never mind.”

  3. This looks like my childhood best friend’s dad. This man also wore bell bottoms to church during the late 1990s. Great guy.

  4. The hair is just a diversion to call attention away from the Catholic Dr. Evil outfit he’s rockin’ there.

  5. Another way: Come to work on a bad hair day and mention to your coworker, “I’m having a bad hair day, but it ain’t PERManent.” And they will nod politely, and you’ll mutter, “…Bradley Cooper, heh, what a guy.” And that’ll intrigue ‘em for sure!

  6. Oof this office coffee really makes my hair curl!
    I’m like Bradley Coopa ova he’ah!

  7. Slump into the booth at the bar and say to your friends, “Ugh, I really had a Bradley Cooper’s Hair of a day, you know what I mean? I really need this margarita right now.”

    Then, later, “Wow, that’s a strong margarita! That’s the drink that’ll make your hair turn into Bradley Cooper’s Hair!”

  8. What does it really say about how we view Bradley Cooper that Batman himself has been looking like this every day and we’re still choosing to make fun of B. Coops perm:

    The expected standards of “Sexiest Man Alive” are not forgiving of method acting, you guys.

  9. I know the hair is distracting, but why is no one talking about his skin? It so orange. I know for a fact there is no sun in Boston, so don’t tell me he got tan by laying out or something.

  10. It reminds me of Burt Reynolds back in the day.

  11. I’m just going to say it, I’d throw him a bone.

  12. Is his facial hair drawn on with shoe polish ??? what is going on here?

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