Admittedly, this isn’t much of a contest these days. Our commenting system currently lacks its upvoting functionality (and also its downvoting functionality) and so there is no way to scientifically PROVE whose comment was the most successful. We can only SURMISE. But perhaps this is even more pure. Commenting for commenting’s sake! The democratization of something or other. Seriously, though, this young Christopher Walken headshot is pretty dope. Look at this kid! He could do it all. Wear short sleeves? You got it. Wear long sleeves? Yessir. Wear long sleeves rolled into short sleeves? Uh, yeah. What about a coat? Here’s your fucking coat. IS THIS WHERE THE TERM TRIPLE THREAT COMES FROM?! (Oh by the way, I just watched Seven Pscyhopaths last week and it’s really great. So enjoyable. I could watch Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken be in a movie together about the phonebook. Is this fun? How every day I tell you about something that I finally got around to reading/seeing a week earlier? Do we like this? Is this our cool new thing we do together?) But and so? Caption this photo. Not for the glory or the praise, but simply because it’s the right thing to do. (Image via the New York Public Library.)

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  1. I ALSO just saw Seven Psychopaths! It was pretty great! Sam Rockwell is very likable.

    • See, I was not as much of a fan. I loved “In Bruges” and what plays of his I’ve seen, so I had high expectations, but I thought that the whole thing was a little too much up its own ass to be completely satisfying. I thought all the performances were great, and there were lots of great moments, but the whole meta thing kindof annoyed me. And I really liked “Adaptation.”

      Also, completely unrelated, but it definitely got on my nerve that everyone they referred to as “psychopaths” were actually just “sociopaths.” (with the exception of maybe Tom Waits and the people he kills) A small difference, but a substantial one.

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    • Saying Sam Rockwell is very likable is like saying you don’t care for Chris Brown. The man is a legend in the making and HE WILL GET HIS EFFING DUES.

      Sam Rockwell, that is. Chris Brown unfortunately has not got, nor will to get his dues. Which are bad dues. Those dues should be bad.

    • Seven Psycopaths is a TERRIBLE film. I turned it off before it was over. Just put it out of its misery. Garbage movie.

  2. I like the one on the bottom right because it was made to have things photoshopped into it.

  3. Can I just have Kevin Pollack or Jay Mohr do a caption for me?

  4. Do actors still make headshots like these, or are they all done with Vine these days?

  5. More poses.

  6. Fun facts about Walken:
    1) He and Spalding Gray were good friends, but competed sexually for some of the same women
    2) He was present for and possibly participated in Natalie Woods’ murder (with a cameo from Robert Wagner)

  7. They all look so wholesome, but then there’s the photo on the bottom right. He’s about to backhand somebody.

  8. And somehow, someway, he managed to take out all of the punctuation marks in these photos.

  9. I got a fever…and the only prescription is more sepia.

    • nevermind, that’s not really sepia. it’s just a weird greenish grey black and white. anyway, quit trying to downvote me. i’ll show myself out.

  10. I was going to caption these, but I have to climb Mt. Everest first.

  11. I’m practicing being a boyfriend, Pop!

  12. I just want to share that my grandfather worked in a bakery in NYC growing up and the owner had a terrifyingly weird son named Christopher Walken.

  13. Paternity tests confirm: Walken is Scarlett Johansson’s father

  14. Thoseare………..some NICE………..PICtures.

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