Mad Men (Season 6)

The sixth season of Mad Men premieres this Sunday with a special two-hour episode, FINALLLYYYYYYY! I cannot wait. No matter what problems we all might have with Mad Men, or with any television show of which we still watch every single episode, they all seem to wash away in the tidal wave of season premiere excitement. A clean slate! Until you remember the problems you had with it, which sometimes happens immediately! At least for me. I guess I have no idea what it’s like for you. Maybe totally different? How do other brains work, all the same or some different? Anyway, last night, to give us a hint at what’s headed our way, AMC posted a few photos from the premiere episode. TO BE CLEAR, I do not think we need these tiny sneak-peeks — the episode airs in a few days and we can for sure hold our horses until then, and also it’s nice when everything is a surprise and you don’t know that the episode is going to take place during– NO SPOILERS. No spoilers before the jump. But for those of us who want to see, or have already seen, a few photos, why not further speculate about what’s going on in them AFTER the jump? Let’s do it!

GUESS: Ok, this one is pretty easy. It looks like someone just invited Don into their office and told him something that he didn’t agree with. “That’s ridiculous,” he’s probably thinking. But it’s not too ridiculous. He’s not mad about it, he’s just like, “that’s ridiculous.” Also it’s Christmastime.

ALTERNATIVE GUESS: He’s on a talk show? Or on stage at a school play.

GUESS: Ok, this one gives us a little more insight into the first one. Looks like Megan is there, too. It’s a party? It’s a party and someone is giving a toast and the toast they’re giving is, “To the magic potion that made us giants.” Megan is happy about it — though a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the foresight to buy extra-large glasses — and Don is happy that Megan is happy, or at least he knows that he should be, but he’s not totally on board with being a giant and also maybe he’s having some second thoughts about Megan. He’s a bit tortured inside and incredibly bad at hiding it, for someone who has been hiding so many things inside for his entire life.

GUESS: Joan is at the party too and it is definitely Christmas. She’s holding the giant potion in her hands. “Little do they know the potion something something something.” Cannot tell what’s up with the giant potion, but I know it’s not going to go the way everyone thought it would.

GUESS: Everyone still hates Pete so they convinced him that everyone’s company Christmas gift this year would be the novelty ceramic version of those deli coffee cups. “We figured these were fun and we’d save some money,” they said. But really everybody else got a bonus and something nice. LOL.

GUESS: Ok, we’re back at work again. Don is like, “Just get it done.”

GUESS: Sally just has no idea about anything because she has a crush on someone.

And there you have it! Not that we needed to, but now we know a bit about what we’re in for on Sunday night. Still can’t wait! See you there!

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  1. “To the magic potion that made us giants.” should be the season title!
    I think we can have a frank discussion about whether Don cheated on Megan in the last minutes of the season finale (and whether that means a return to his cheating-on-a-regular-basis ways): I believe he did cheat on her because of the framing of the shot where he walked away from her. I believe that he loves her, but he knows that he can’t “possess” her (not the best word but definitely not quite accurate) the way he wants to. Maybe he’ll cheat on her on a regular basis from now on, but I believe he definitely cheated on her that time.

    • I think he is a bad man who will cheat on her as long as he can somehow blame her for driving him to it with her imperfections.

  2. The “someone” Sally has a crush on is Glenn! Ooooh, Glenn you’re so creepy with the power you have over the Draper/Francis ladies. (Unless I don’t remember the Glenn storyline resolving itself in some permanent way last season. In which case, RIP Glenn. I loved you, you little moonfaced prince.)

    Also, kewl sideburns, Pete. You are super super kewl.

    • It’s Glen alright. Soon she’ll be moving to Sebastapol with him to live on an ashram. Poor Sally. (Unless she got the property in her name because then she’d be very wealthy Sally of the Sebastapol Glen Grape and Peace Collective. Also: Sally, if you can read this, go invest in zinfandel grapes and the savignon blanc clone #4 from Davis. Plant them on the ashram. It will pay for your adventures 30 fold.)

  3. Seriously, though, one of the best things about Mad Men is how little we get to know about it before an episode or season airs. It’s almost internet-proof.

    Like when My Bloody Valentine was all like “oh, by the way, here’s the album you’ve been waiting 20 years for” and just plopped it down one day, bypassing all of the leaks/previews/etc. … that stuff is just so much more pleasurable. You get to experience something before the internet tells you how to feel or numbs you with tidbits.

    (Take notes, Radiohead, also every TV show and movie and pretty much everything.)

  4. Did they get a local public school to decorate their windows for Christmas? Joan does not look pleased.

  5. The takeaway message appears to be “The early 70′s were the worst”.

    • No, it’s still the 60s. 1967-70 represented a really awkward period in conservative fashion. You can see the patterns getting wilder and the cuts widening. It’s really just terrible and acted as the DNA for the crazy fashions of the 70s. Man, who wants to see Don in a fucking leisure suit? (We actually might.)

  6. I’ve never seen Mad Men before so my guess is all these attractive people are fucking each other, or would like to. Hope I’m right!

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