Pranks are the worst even when it isn’t a whole day dedicated to them, and I have never seen a single April Fool’s Day “joke” that I thought was even remotely funny, clever, interesting, or cool. It’s mostly just very annoying! (Although Jose Conseco’s tweet that he was getting married was pretty close to being ALL of the things listed above.) That being said, if April Fools means that Kid President gets to make a video for the official YouTube page then it can’t be all bad. Just 99% bad.

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  1. The Netflix listing of categories is pretty funny. I honestly wish one was going to stay forever…

  2. I saw an article about the White Stripes reforming with Tilda Swinton as drummer, and although I know it is a prank, part of me believes. This is my new Santa, guys.

  3. The Google treasure map is nice.

  4. I always feel bad for my dad because its his birthday and everyone is always like OH APRIL FOOLS huh

  5. I think it’s cute when people do something in the spirit of fool’s day. It never has to blow me out of the water, or prank me. It’s just one day of the year where a lot of my favourite things want to do something stupid and fun.

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