• Happy Belated Easter, from Wahlburgers. -RatsOff!
  • Of course, it wouldn’t be the Monday post-Easter without a belated Happy Easter from Courtney Stodden as well! -ONTD
  • Clint Eastwood is considering a movie adaptation of Jersey Boys as his next film. Worlds been had colliding in mutually beneficial efforts toward the goal of making $$$$$$!  -FilmDrunk
  • ATTN: The third season of AMC’s The Killing will return with a two-hour premiere on June 2. “Two hours of The Killing?! This has gotta be an April Fools’ prank, ’cause it’s too good to be true!” -Somebody, but I have no idea who. -Vulture
  • No pranko: When I saw the title of this video – ”Subway Saxophone Battle” — I thought it was going to be super annoying, but it is actually great and I think it will bring a smile to your face. -Hypervocal
  • Doctor Who fingernails, LADDIIIIIIIESS! -Neatorama
  • And finally, as many of you probably know, tons of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim shows were added to Netflix yesterday, including Children’s Hospital, Robot Chicken, Adventure Time, Aqua Teen, etc. Yay! This is very good news! -Netflix
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  1. I’m sorry, but a Silence is one of the last things I want on my fingernails. Everything else is cool.

    • Real question: Has this kind of nail bullshit gotten so mainstream that it would crossover to a Dr. Who audience? Also, how do you type and do things with nails like that? I guess I am just not fancy enough for a hand Tardis.


    • YES! I can finally watch all the episodes!

      (now they just need to add season 2 of Bob’s Burgers and life will be complete)

    • OMG I’ve been waiting for you to show up! I went to a party last night and we had to play charades, which I’ve never done before. I had to act our “Rebecca Black,” so I immediately thought of the Friday-pumpkin dance and was about to act that out before I realized nobody in my team is aware of this awesomeness. So my friend jumps in and charades with me as a partner–because really, why Rebecca Black of all things?–which got everybody so frustrated that she just pointed to the Friday on the calendar and the game was over. And then everybody immediately hurried off to get their coats to leave.
      When I finished, I was like It was so hard, I wanted to do the pumpkin dance. and everybody is like “Whaaat?” and then in my head, I was like lilbobbytales would’ve gotten it in a second.

      • I wish we had a secret Videogum symbol we could all wear, like a lapel pin or something, so that we could identify each other. Then we could instantly know who is going to get the jokes. You never know when there are monsters around!

        • Like a pin of KCC on a trampoline.

        • Sometimes I will reference Videogum as “this blog I read” around people and secretly hope someone will be like “WAIT are you talking about Videogum???” and then we will high five like champs and ride off into the sunset because any other people I meet that day will not be as cool.

          • Someone once asked me if I knew of Videogum and I got way too excited and we talked about Gabe’s Walking Dead recaps (RIP recaps). It was the most exciting social outing ever.

        • There are a couple Monsters in the same town as me, but I have no idea who they are in real life. Whenever I mention Videogum in public, I say it exta loud, hoping to see a head snap around.

      • I’ve got your back specialk. We’d set the charade world on fire. Figuratively, unless you’re into the literal interpretation. I can be persuaded.

  3. trying to navigate the video section on adult swim has historically been like trying to find a spiderman sticker at the bottom of an 8-year-olds un-tidied bedroom. I believe my personal prayers have contributed to their being added to Netflix. Mine and all of yours. Add this one to the Power of Prayer studies, fringe scientists.

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