As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite cafe in the world on its last Friday of business. There is someone who looks like Aaron Paul having coffee here with his own beautiful girlfriend, not to be weird, there is a baby wearing sunglasses, I’m having a wonderful coffee and a great muffin, Drake is playing. The sun is streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. But on Sunday this place will be no more, and where will I have coffee and a muffin while I work then? A GARBAGE DUMP? ?!?! I’m telling you this now because I need you to understand that #YOLO. Life is short and #YOLO and sometimes you never know if your favorite cafe is going to close and leave you to have coffee in some garbage dump somewhere, and you also never know if you’re going to die, and you also never know if you’re going to given your one opportunity to see a video of Bronson Pinchot doing a local weather forecast for almost certainly no reason. You have to leap on these opportunities when you get them and appreciate them before they’re gone. So quick, before you’re dead, WATCH BRONSON PINCHOT DO THE WEATHER REPORT! AND ORDER ANOTHER COFFEE!

PHEW! Now you can check that one off of your bucket list. #friday #yolo (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Bronson Pinchot doing weather? Don’t be ree-deek-yu-los!

  2. Why am I not as drunk as all of these people?

  3. It’s weird how they panic that he is ruining the broadcast! HE IS SAVING THE BROADCAST. Fascists.

    Also a gif of 1:38-1:42 would be fun! If anyone wants to do that. I wish I knew how to gif stuff.

  4. Wow. What did I just see?

  5. Kelly, what cafe?

  6. Aw, Kelly, I’m sorry to hear about your favorite coffeeshop. Recently two Chapel Hill institutions of non-corporate food and used books&music closed in the same week and now I feel extremely depressed because where will I get pizza and also get yelled at? Where will I buy cheap copies of CDs I already own and also die of dust poisoning? Those are two of the places I went before I moved here that made me really want to move here!

    Sure, blah blah blah, other places have opened that I like just as much and also the world keeps spinning and whatever but sometimes I want my fond memories and warm feelings to remain intact. In conclusion, fuck it, Bronson Pinchot is fun no matter how weird this is, and God, and the Bible.

  7. I thought it was a figurative cafe because it sounded too good to be true. Mine is a Starbucks where the neighborhood attitude is 1 person for every 4 chairs.

  8. I was watching First Wives Club the other night wondering what he was up to. Now I know.

  9. York, PA is my hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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