• “An iconic moment in history, recreated for the film Zero Dark Thirty, is now recreated in Peeps.” “They wanted to show the scene without diminishing the importance of SEAL Team 6′s mission.” Everything about this Zero Peep Thirty diorama video, part of the Washington Post’s annual Peeps diorama contest, is great. -WashingtonPost
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League and Legit have all been renewed and will move to and help launch FX’s new sibling channel FXX, formerly Fox Soccer. But what will happen to Fox Soccer?! -Deadline
  • (Justified was also renewed.) -Vulture
  • Matthew Weiner spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the challenges of creating Mad Men, and how sad it is that Sal isn’t there anymore, and how every season is set up in a way that it could be the final season, +other things. Read it! -WSJ
  • Speaking of Mad Men, Jon Hamm is on the most recent episode of You Made It Weird! -YMIW
  • Want to buy some pretty much NSFW Courtney Stodden wall art? -Dlisted
  • Leon Vitali, personal assistant to the Stanley Kubrick during filming of The Shining, has some thoughts about the conspiracy theories found in the new Shining documentary Room 237. -NYTimes
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  1. Can FX also make FXXX, which would be entirely made up of porn parodies of the shows on FX and FXX?

  2. “how every season is set up in a way that it could be the final season”

    Ah — meant to say this on that thread about David Simon saying that ‘The Wire’ is a complete thing so don’t even think about commenting on it while it’s happening (OR if you only just caught up with it on DVD I think): meant to say that this is such b.s. Even with ‘The Wire’ and apparently ‘Mad Men’ too. Which is a shame I think. These shows go on too long. Mini-series and movies 4ever.

  3. Matt Weiner saying “If you like season 1 so much go back and watch it” is hilarious and wonderful. Also, seriously, I can’t wait til the premiere!!!!!

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