• I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that you should probably not click on this link, it is absolutely no joke disgusting, but in case any of you wanted an update on (and image of!) Jared Leto’s fan mail ear situation… - FilmDrunk
  • The Guardian published an article today on “why Doctor Who needs more female writers,” and “more” actually means “any” in this case. I haven’t seen Doctor Who ever, but, uh, it sounds like those guys should obviously get some fucking female writers! -Guardian
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talked to /Film about how it has been rewriting the film to feature multiple different main characters, incorporating whole new storylines, and other sorts of movie growing pains. Ch-check it out! -/Film
  • Rob Thomas released a post-Kickstarter Veronica Mars movie update to say thank you and then pretty much just tell you to follow everyone on Twitter. (+There’s a new Instagram.) (Just watch it, I guess.) -NextMovie
  • THIS JUST IN: The Wachowskis will be producing an original series for Netflix titled Sense8, with Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski! It will comprise 10 episodes, premiering in late 2014. -AVClub
  • And, finally, to celebrate pre-Game of Thrones week: Try Vulture’s Game of Thrones Death Generator, if you wanna! -Vulture
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  1. So 1) there need to be more female writers in general in fantasy, not just Doctor Who (although I suspect this may be less “we need female writers” as much as “let’s pile on Moffat”.)

    2) The Boston triviagum trio was super fun! Big ups to Flanny and Manners! We came in second and won a lovely bottle of wine, which has been whisked away to a secure location (my fridge).

    • My favorite part was when I ran out of the toilet because I knew Toad the Wet Sprocket but you were already heading up to turn in the answer. We are unstoppable!!!

    • RE: Doctor Who

      It definitely felt more “let’s pile on Moffat.” I was actually really impressed that DW had a female producer, that always seemed neat-o. Yes, there should be more women writers in fantasy but also DW is wonderfully written and has great women characters. So to me it seems like calling out DW was just a publicity stunt to get more readers. There are plenty of shows that do worse. And Moffat’s wife is a television producer, so I’m pretty sure he’s not actively denying women the opportunity to write for the show.

      • I do want to say that Moffat gets quite a lot of criticism over his treatment of women characters. So while calling out DW may have been a publicity stunt, it’s not out of left field.

        That being said, Yes 100% to more women fantasy/sci fi authors and ALSO yes 100% to Donna Noble. I LOVE YOU DOCTOR DONNA.

      • Also the writing world in the UK is very very different than in the US. The shows have much shorter life spans and getting into it is a lot easier… so the turnover is different? My friend that wrote shows in the UK and then the US and back to the UK gave me the whole rundown and it sounded a million times easier there. I don’t know if that’s a gender thing or what, but he actually implied I look into writing there instead of here (back when I wanted to do stuff like that) as it was much easier to break in?

        This being said, he also was able to piggyback from schooling in Cambridge and I think there’s a direct line from his college there and TV shows?

        I don’t know. I like making websites for not TV now. This is one of the first few times I remember in which I can enjoy a program and not worry about how its success will affect my ability to make websites.

      • And I’ve seen that on a lot of websites that have been posting news about the second half of series 7, there seems to be a very vocal anti-Moffat contingent without specifics gripes. Mostly just “yeah, but then Moffat will ruin it, etc.”

  2. So, I didn’t see this in time to submit it via the appropriate tips channels but:


    A compilation of Winona’s looks over the years. I cannot decide if this slideshow makes me feel comfortable emulating her style because she clearly always made great choices that hold up pretty well or whether I feel she has always made great choices that have held up pretty well as I view this slideshow because I have been emulating her style for like three decades now.

  3. Maybe someone didn’t cut off their own ear and send it to Jared Leto, maybe Mr. Blonde is just a big fan.

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