The best thing about screwing something up instantly and irrevocably is that you get to stop trying! And never try again, please! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. This just makes me so mad. No joke.

    • yeah, I really hope that guy had to pay for the repairs.

    • Agreed. Can we stop destroying public property in the name of shitty Youtube clips? Not that the mall is publicly owned, but you know what I mean. The world did not need its 5,000th “helicoptering” video.

    • Your reaction reminds me of when Averil Lavigne uses that stick of deodorant in the Complicated video and then just puts it back. Someone’s going to buy that stick of deodorant, Averil! They’re going to put your armpit yuck in their armpit! And when she pulls down her pants and sits on that camping toilet? HAHA, Averil, now whoever buys that display model camping toilet is going to get herpes.

      That video came out when I was in college, and I’m pretty sure it was my first “damn kids, get off my lawn” moment. First of many.

      • It’s dumb because the “stick it to the man” attitude is actually harming other random folks who reasonably expect to use unmolested deodorant or go up an escalator without getting cut by a million glass shards.

        If the only victim of your shenanigans is some unscrupulous tycoon or whatever, go nuts. But don’t fuck up everyone around you’s day just so you can feel like a bad ass.

  3. “Dad, don’t try and slide down the railing of the escalator”
    “Nonsense, you just don’t want to admit that I’m just as cool as you are”
    “Ok, sure dad, go ahead then….”

  4. Boy, that escalated quickly.

  5. The fact that he’s somebody’s dad infuriates me the most.

  6. Wait, what’s a helicopter? is this a thing I have to learn? Is this the new harlem shake?

  7. When I got off the Metro last night, I saw some kid walk around with his shoelaces untied, apparently as a fashion statement. He ended up getting his laces stuck in the up escalator, and spent a good 30-40 seconds pulling them out of the stairs. I never thought in less than 24 hours I would see something more idiotic happen on an escalator.

  8. Remember when those assholes made that rope swing on that natural landmark in Utah and then made a stupid YouTube video about it? And it was filled with shitty Jason Mraz music and everyone was supposed to feel really good and young and free but really they were all like inches away from getting a spinal injury?

    Yeah, someone just killed themselves doing a viral stunt on that landmark with a rope bridge. Not on purpose.

  9. 3/27/13 #neverforget

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