• Jon Stewart had a pretty good Sarah Palin #burn on The Daily Show last night. Click 2 watch! -Uproxx
  • Penn Badgley’s Jeff Buckley movie, Greetings From Tim Buckley, has been given a release date of April 16th and to celebrate we all have been given a new clip of Badgley performing “Once I Was.” Makes you wonder — why did God put 2 Jeff Buckleys on Earth? If He wanted another one why did He let the first one die? Life sure is full of mysteries. (It is good tho, 2B honest.) -AOL
  • Which is worse: InAPPropriate Comedy or Movie 43? Asking for a The Week. -TheWeek
  • A Pretty Little Liars spinoff titled Ravenswood is coming to ABC Family this October. You can watch a quick teaser and read the synopsis in the click-through, but I assume you’re already on board? “YOU HAD ME AT PRETTY!”  -Zap2It
  • Is everyone pumped for the return of Game of Thrones? I wish I could be, but I’ve never seen it! I wish HBO Go streamed more easily to Apple TV! I think you can do it on your phone now but like how and also here is an a capella rendition of the Game of Thrones theme! -FilmDrunk
  • Riff Raff reviewed Spring Breakers in a short video for NextMovie and it is just the dumbest, you should definitely watch it. “And then the movie ended and I don’t know what happened.” I know, man. -NextMovie
  • A red-band trailer is out for Pain & Gain, the theatrical trailer for which I saw before Spring Breakers. It’s like Michael Bay’s Spring Breakers for muscles? Looks great. -/Film
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  1. I’m really torn on this Buckley movie… What will win out, my love of Tim and Jeff Buckley or my desire to punch Dan Humphrey?

  2. A Sarah Palin burn? Topical! Maybe we can get some jokes about throwing cups at Ron Artest, too.

  3. A guy just won a lawsuit against Disney because HE WAS TRAPPED ON THE SMALL WORLD RIDE AND COULDN’T GET OUT. Disney only gave him $8,000. I’m trying to think of something — anything — than being stuck on that horrible ride with that horrible song and those horrible singing dolls and I cannot. And he had a panic attack in the middle of the ride, which seems like a reasonable response to that living hell. And he only got $8K, which is hilarious to me because the Mouse will drop $50K to buy out URLs like DISNEYRIDESARETORTURE.com and redirect them to their corporate cares bs website.


    Here is an artist’s rendering of what happened:

    • This past weekend I had a glimpse into my own personal hell. And that hell is standing on a crowded subway platform waiting for a train that takes forever to show up while massively hungover while some guy bangs away on a conga drum and sings a terrible rendition of “Somebody I Used to Know.”

      • That’s pretty bad. I’ve also been stuck on a subway that stopped at the midpoint on the Manhattan bridge, unairconditioned in August, hungover and on the verge of a panic attack long before I got near the train. That was a fun day, too. This story kind of reminded me of that day… only with singing, scary dolls.

  4. I started watching Pretty Little Liars recently because my sister wanted to talk about it with me, and oh man. It is crazy, even for a show geared to teens. It’s very entertaining though, and I’ve especially enjoyed it after the one main character I like had a breakdown, shouted “DIE!!!” and tried to strangle someone across a table. So there’s a high chance I’ll check out the spinoff.

  5. Hi Kelly! I have HBO GO on my iPhone and I have Apple TV. If you have both – which it sounds like you do – it is very easy to stream. It works just like any other video you choose to stream on Apple TV. When you select the episode you want to play, you begin playing it and then you just hit the button that shows up next to the volume bar (it kinda looks like an envelope I guess?) and it prompts you to pick whether you want to continue to stream on your phone or shoot it up to your Apple TV. Choose the latter and there you go!

    If you have already set up this link between your phone and your tv, it’s a snap. It’s the same button you would hit to shoot youtube up on your tv. And then when you go to the next episode, which you inevitably will, you won’t even have to prompt the phone to shoot it up to the tv. If it is in the same viewing session it will automatically do it.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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