I want to say right away, before you get your hopes too far up, that UNO: The Game Show had not been greenlit by any networks yet. Life is full of little unhappinesses, brief moments of thinking you’ve gotten what you wanted before it’s snatched from your hands, and this is one of them. “Dear Diary, today I thought for a moment that my dream of the card game UNO — literally the most boring card game, the one that not even the children it’s intended for like, and the one that when the few adults who do think they like it are reminded of the rules they realize that of course they don’t — becoming a TV show had been granted. I’m so sorry, Dear Diary, that that sentence was so hard to follow. I’m working on it, LOL. Are you having a good day today? What did you have for lunch? I had–” That’s you writing in your diary later! From Deadline:

Mattel and The Gurin Company are teaming up to create UNO: The Game Show, based on the popular card game. Players will match colors, numbers and wits for a shot at a big cash prize — but only if they play their cards right. The format will be available as a half-hour daily game show with a $100,000 jackpot and an hour-long primetime version in which players compete for $1 million.

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? You really have your hands full with this one, The Gurin Company! What rules would you come up with if you were put in charge of turning a card matching game into a television game show just kidding you don’t have to answer that, I’m bored just thinking of it! “Every player has an iPad with their cards on it.” “Instead of cards, you have to match hot babes in bikinis and hot dudes in sunglasses.” I don’t know. “There are physical challenges that you have to take part in rather than the deck that you have to grab cards from” THERE IS NO WAY, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

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  1. Sounds like Kelly had one too many Draw Four cards dropped on her at some point.

  2. This was a great game during indoor recess.

  3. Full Frontal Assault Uno is a little bit more fun, at least when mixed with alcohol and fun people. But i guess most things are, really.

  4. They could maybe make a halfway decent game show out of it’s European cousin, Miles Bourne. You could have obstacles and try to get to 1000 miles first? I dunno. If they can make a movie out of Battleship, they can make a game show out of Uno. Maybe the cards are aliens?

  5. Let’s talk about disappointing games! Apples to Apples, every time you played it after the first time? Sour Apples to Apples, which is marginally more fun, until your friend decided that for some reason your response of “clones” was the worst match for “predictable” and then you just gave up on your friends and their decisions and just stopped having friends altogether because they clearly don’t get you?


    • Risk. It seems like an interesting idea until you have been playing for 4 hours and its down to the guy with half of Asia and Australia and the guy who has everything else going back and forth on Mongolia for an impossible amount of time. Yet whenever your group of friends gives up on doing something interesting and resorts to board games, some asshole ALWAYS wants to play Risk.

      • Whoops, I am the Risk person! I just LOOOVE talking shit and Risk is one of the better shit-talking games. Though for a while I was on a good streak with quick Risk games. Then we hit one of the 6-hour marathon games and haven’t played since. It’s been like 5 years.

        • I don’t even know what games you guys are playing because Apples to Apples is the most fun and Risk is also super fun and Uno is literally one of my favorite games on earth. Besides Balderdash. Oh man, Balderdash! I could play that until the cows come home! Are you guys taking these games too seriously? Calm down guys.

          • I think part of the reason was that I was not drunk for the Sour Apples to Apples game that we just played. Also I forgot to mention that the said ex-friend’s best answer for “predictable” was “mood swings” so I was actually just having some ISSUES in GENERAL with her decision-making.

            However, I do always really love the idea of Apples to Apples and it’s still a solid drunken party game, though the introduction of Cards Against Humanity has kind of stolen some of its charm because CAH is just sooooogoood.

            Also I think maybe Taboo is my favorite board game because it is ALWAYS fun. I also like Catchphrase for the same reason.

          • Cards Against Humanity is like Apples to Apples for grown ups with sick senses of humor. I believe that both games are very fun!

          • My favorite board game is Go, but that is in no way a party game you play with your friends while drunk. I don’t really like playing any board games with groups of people while drunk, so my opinion is a bit biased against all of them, but I don’t mind Scrabble, mainly because I don’t have to pay attention until it’s my turn. And Bananagrams, because I strangely have a natural gift when it comes to Bananagrams.

  6. They should make a game show of Monopoly, and when contestants are losing, they have the option of knocking over the board and leaving the set in anger.

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