Emma Watson, the young star of the Harry Potter movies and also maybe she was in one other movie I think, will be given the honorary MTV Trailblazers Award this year at the MTV Movie Awards. From MTV:

There must be something magical about Emmas. A year after Emma Stone received the first-ever MTV Trailblazer Award, 22-year-old “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” actress Emma Watson will follow suit at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, airing live on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET.

The Trailblazer Award honors best-in-class young actors who are actively carving out their own unique and diverse path in the film industry.

Wait, what? No offense to Emma Watson, but like what trails has she blazed? WHAT TRAILS HAS EMMA STONE BLAZED FOR THAT MATTER? Here’s the thing I really don’t understand besides all of this: MTV invented this award out of the blue. It’s not like America has been giving out the Trailblazer Award for 150 years and this year the Trailblazer Award goes to Emma Watson. We don’t have to give ANYONE a Trailblazer Award because it is a make believe award. Were Emma Stone’s contributions to humanity just SO impossible to ignore last year that the big brass at MTV had an emergency meeting at four in the morning, Margin Call style, to decide how to deal with “the Emma Stone business.” I’m sure Emma Watson likes fashion, or something, and that she has been known to tip well at restaurants or whatever. Is that all it takes? I guess since the award is given to someone who is “actively carving out their own unique and diverse path in the film industry” the answer is yes because I AM NOT EVEN SURE WHAT THAT MEANS. The important thing is to get upset about this. It’s called priorities and I have them.

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    Well, she’s only the second actor to win the MTV Trailblazer Award. That’s pretty good!

  2. All awards are largely meaningless constructions of the industry?

  3. They successfully navigated the Oregon Trail without succumbing to dysentery?

  4. This is kind of off topic but has anyone else heard the term “urban pioneer” when referring to white people gentrifying a neighborhood? Don’t get me wrong, I am for different types of people sharing the same neighborhoods but the term has to be offensive, right? It’s ignoring the people who already live there and saying a neighborhood doesn’t matter until a certain type of people move in.

  5. She grew up as a child star in a hugely popular movie franchise and managed to go to Brown and transition into a mature acting career without getting into myriad car accidents, drug arrests, finding a distributor for a sex tape or using Twitter as a de facto public burn book/dream journal which sadly, for a child actress, is road some woefully under travelled it gives Robert Frost a boner.

  6. I think they mean that “despite our and the rest of the industry’s best efforts, these Emmas have yet to slut themselves up or tailspin into drugs.”

  7. She has blazed a trail in Eyebrow Acting, that’s for sure.

  8. Do they maybe mean smoking pot while hiking? Because I could see a Brown girl getting down with that.

  9. Straight white people sure love blazing trails. They’re really good at it, too.

  10. I think the Trailblazer Award is actually the Not A Walking Trainwreck (re: Lohan/Bynes) And Also A Good Role Model For Young Tweens Award.

  11. If this award is for “actively carving out their own unique and diverse path in the film industry,” then I think the trail blazed (singular) is the one she blazes for her career. Which, you go do that, girl. Don’t let anyone stop you.

  12. Also, Emma Stone is a Freshman-year highschool dropout. I mean, good for her that she was still able to form a career without an education. But maybe it also means that we don’t need an education? Whatever the case may be, she earned it!(?) ANSWER ME INTERNET!

    • Stay in school, manners. — the internet.

      • Actually no. Think of something awesome you would like to do, start doing it in your spare time while you are in school, and then at the slightest sign of impending success drop the fuck out and be awesome. You can always go to Harvard later when you are famous.

        (Seriously, I think having a vision and ambition when you are young is waaaay more valuable than generic education.)

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