“Susan! SUSAN! Forget the coffee — I mean, get yourself some coffee if you want, I’m not trying to put any limitations on anything you’re doing, but forget MY coffee and GET OVER HERE AND WATCH THIS MAGIC TRICK! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS MAGIC TRICK, SUSAN! SUSAN!” That’s you trying to get the attention of either your friend or coworker named Susan — who had just left the room to get you guys coffee — because you’re so pumped about this magic trick. Scene. (Via reddit.)

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  2. Use Your Allusion

  3. Hey, there’s no need to give me the finger, magician man.

  4. Wow. Silence. Math. Monochromatic grey stone cubes. And they say the glitz and glamour of magic is dead.

  5. Certainly the obvious edit when he’s taking out the cube block things has nothing to do with the “illusion”

  6. Ughhhhhhh, stop putting geometry and math in my magic tricks, dude! I was a communications major FOR A REASON.

  7. The whole time I thought the guy was Ricky Gervais. Maybe that’s the real illusion.

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