Sometimes I understand memes, but a lot of times I do not. I understand them when they are easy to repeat and everyone can make their own. Then it’s, well, I don’t know if it’s fun, but it approaches something in the fun family. If the Harlem Shake meme were a little less racist, it would be understandable. Then you have memes where no one is really allowed to participate, as is the case with grumpy cat. Like, what the fuck am I supposed to do with grumpy cat? Sure, grumpy cat is a cat who looks grumpy. I get that. Give me SOME credit, I can totally tell that it is a cat who looks grumpy. But also the end? He’s even less dynamic than dramatic chipmunk, because at least dramatic chipmunk MOVED. This is just a cat’s face, a stranger’s cat’s face, not even my cat, and I’m over it. You know who isn’t over it? The rest of America, I guess. Grumpy cat made an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, which I honestly thought was canceled, but I guess it’s a different one? How many daytime talk shows does Anderson Cooper get? Now double it. He asks Grumpy Cat all the tough questions:

This clip is a minute and a half, and a third of that is just a straight up CAT FOOD COMMERCIAL. Cool show. They actually had to reshoot this without a studio audience because the first time they did it everyone lost their minds and the microphones blew out from the rapt shrieking. At a certain point, the Internet is going to be a well-enough understood entity, that we are no longer going to be able to pass a Reddit thread off as news where a family of three can say “we put a picture of him up, and then he was on the Internet, and it’s really been crazy” and this is somehow a story. But for now: BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING STOP THE PRESSES VIKKI VALE WHO IS THAT GRUMPY BATDANCE. (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. I love grumpy cat because she’s always smaller than I expect her to be. Every time.
    Grumpy cat’s people : Grumpy Cat :: Jon : Garfield

  2. Grumpy Cat is actually mad cute haha.

  3. I would identify myself as a cat fan, and I love a cat video/gif as much as the next human, but the allure of Grumpy Cat eludes me too. I mean, aren’t most cats at least kind of grumpy? If there was a cat that looked really excited to be alive, that would be more surprising and funny.

  4. I was totally prepared to agree with this argument. It makes sense logically! He doesn’t do anything but sit there. Take a picture, it’ll last longer, I’m so over it, and all that. AND THEN HE APPEARED FROM UNDER THE BOX AND I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN! Hahaha, look at his angry little face! #grumpycat4statesenator

  5. It appears that they’ve finally given up trying to pretend that Tard is short for Tartar Sauce and are just calling her Grumpy Cat. Good idea.

  6. What kind of life is this for a cat? Cats don’t understand the concept of fame and I’m pretty sure they don’t like to be held constantly under super bright lights in strange places! And that’s literally all this cat does now? Like… cute cat, for sure. But maybe we should let cute cats be cute cats on their own and not pass it around like it’s a flippin’ football (or something else you pass around, I don’t know.).

  7. I like all the meme cats. Grumpy cat, Lil Bubbs, Colonel Meow. I just look at them and lose it. Pretty much all cute animals memes I’m down with.

  8. I think the thing that bugs me is that in my day, personification-able cats had maybe a couple of pictures or a gif and you were like, “Yes, I’ll send this cat photo to others!” Maybe it’s Maru’s fault (Maru should be the only celebrity cat) but I kind of feel like where before people were sharing their cats freely now everyone’s kind of strange looking cat has a name and a blog and a twitter and it can’t use them because it’s a cat, so the cat’s people are designing t-shirts on cafepress so I can have a mug of their cat?

    The whole thing is just madness

  9. Also have you seen this?

  10. I understand this logically, but Grumpy Cat is the cutest little lady so I have to keep loving her. Sorry, that’s just how these cats work their magic.

  11. I love love love grumpy cat, but also I am worried that she’s really actually miserable. Like, maybe her owners should stop putting her on TV and all these situations and let her just chill as a cat. Grumpy Cat needs a vacation.

  12. I still think she’s amazingly cute but I worry about her being hauled around the country like a sideshow freak. Also I like Lil Bub just a tiny bit more?

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