Uggghh, Jared Leto! Why do you have to make us fall deeper and deeper in love with you with every new piece of news we hear? It’s just not fair. Jordan Catalano, following us through every stage of our lives and somehow always knowing the perfect route to our hearts. The current route — to most of our hearts, I’m not saying all of them but for sure most — is a story about horrifying fan mail that is not even okay at all, told in an interview on XFN. Jared, you tease! From The Huffington Post:

“The fans are an incredibly committed and passionate group of people. Going to a show is kind of like visiting Japan, you expect gifts on your arrival. You get all kinds of wonderful things,” Leto explained before describing the weirdest thing he’s ever received.

“Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me, that was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘Are you listening?’ I never knew who it was, who’s missing their ear out there,” he quipped, confessing what he did with the gross gift.

“I poked a hole in it and wore it as a necklace,” Leto joked, letting admirers know, “Just don’t put your entire body in a case and send it to us.”

“The Van Gogh move.” Just the chillest dude, even when he’s talking about a severed body part that was mailed to him with a vague threat. But, uh, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE EAR, JARED LETO? You cannot toss off a joke about wearing it as a necklace (terrible joke) without clarifying that, no, but actually you had your manager deal with it or whatever and you don’t know what he or she did with it but you know it involved calling the police. You received an ear and didn’t look into where it came from at all? Did not not even receive an ear in the mail, Jared? Are you lying?! JARED? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE EAR, JARED? #areyoulistening

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  1. Jared Leto wore ear necklaces before ear necklaces were cool. Daryl’s gonna be pissed.

  2. “Got some severed hands along with a ransom note a few months back. I just had to laugh, our fans are the best. So dedicated. I made a cool mugs out of them.”

  3. Don’t put your entire body in a case and send it to us. Please just send pieces that can easily be made into jewelry. Thanks. – Jared Leto

  4. Shit, that was supposed to go to Jared Fogel!!!

  5. Well it’s good to see that is the message he took from Chapter 27 – nutty fans are totally ok!!!

  6. I think that everybody who loves Jared Leto should cut off their ears for him. That way I can see people with one ear and immediately know that I have nothing to talk to them about.

  7. It is a very sad and scary world and somehow it doesn’t seem like Jared Leto has any emotions at all about it like maybe he is a Terminator or a Martian?

  8. Do you guys think Jared Leto’s head would fall off if you removed that scarf from his neck?

  9. Would it be more or less creepy if the fan sent someone else’s ear?

  10. Why have they assumed it was someone sending their own ear? Sorry. Super creepy.

  11. Sure, this fan isn’t mentally ill or anything. I mean Van Gogh turned out okay right? Haha oh Jared this is such a fun little story.

  12. Hopefully he just did the obvious thing and launched it up into space.

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