God, I love this story so much! You know, just because you’re a government employee with the Internal Revenue Service does not mean that you don’t know how to cut loose and have a good time. That’s one thing that I learned today. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t make the decision to spend $60,000 ($60,000!!!) on a Star Trek parody “training” video without allocating any of that ridiculous amount of money to hiring actual actors, instead just using other IRS employees. Sadly, though, it also doesn’t mean that you don’t have to apologize for it. From The Washington Times:

The IRS said Friday it was a mistake for employees to make the six-minute video. It was shown at the opening of a 2010 training and leadership conference but does not appear to have any training value.

“The IRS recognizes and takes seriously our obligation to be good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars,” the agency said in a statement. “There is no mistaking that this video did not reflect the best stewardship of resources.”

The agency said it has tightened controls over the use of its production equipment to “ensure that all IRS videos are handled in a judicious manner that makes wise use of taxpayer funds while ensuring a tone and theme appropriate for the nation’s tax system.”

The agency also said, “A video of this type would not be made today.”

The agency also said, “Holy shit, though — did you watch this thing? Oh my god. Oh my god, guys. Like, definitely we shouldn’t spend so much taxpayer money on garbage like this in the future, but is it ok for me to say that I’m not TOTALLY upset that we spent it this time? Like. Did you watch this thing?!”

Isn’t the Twitter reference at the beginning completely disorienting, even though you knew that the video was filmed in 2010? “HOW DID THEY KNOW ABOUT TWITTER IN 1982?!” I love that you can’t understand almost everything everyone is saying. I love the gasp at 1:30. I absolutely love the wedged in Avatar joke at 2:35. Everything about this is very good. $10,000 a minute seems fair enough! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Kept waiting for the bass to drop and the Harlem Shake thing to start.

    • I was hanging out with my neighbor kids yesterday and apparently the #1 cool prank that middle school kids will do when they get a substitute is the Harlem Shake. So, if any of you teachers out there are reading this, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

      • That’s a pretty lame prank. So the kids will all dance around, and then the sub just has to wait for thirty seconds or whatever, and then the music will end and the kids will go back to their seats in an orderly fashion and then learning can commence. Pull the fire alarm, kids! It takes forever and you get to go outside!!

        • Oh man. When I was in high school and the weather got really nice, the bad kids would pull the fire alarm like 8 times a day. It was the best. Thanks, bad kids!!

  2. Gaw! That picture of Sandra Bullock’s face in the “Here Are Some Lunchtime Links!” gets me every time. Grumpy Actress, AMIRITE!?

    • The picture for Do No Harm gets me every time too, although by “gets me” I mean I’m deeply saddened about how a beautiful show was taken from us before its time

  3. I spaced out because they started talking about money and finances. Get it? Get it?

  4. But back to the post at hand, Why are they apologizing now, like, over two years later? Could it be because their apology turnaround is every two years?! That’s a government joke. Not a very good one but it’s all I got!

  5. Somewhere out there, Ron Swanson’s head just exploded.

  6. I don’t know what my favorite part was because the whole thing was incredible, but here are some contenders:

    1. The sick burn on Starbucks
    2. The one guy’s fake Russian accent
    3. The fact that people are dying from “some newfangled disease”


  8. Where did the money go?!? I would have loaned them my uniforms if they just asked. And they probably could have used the bridge of the Enterprise that used to be in the Hilton Las Vegas Star Trek exhibit for nothing!

    • I thought the same thing! Then I got sad because the Stark Trek exhibit is closed and I have to go to Vegas for work in a few months and I want to play on the holodeck!

  9. There is a Gilligan’s Island training video, too, but despite having a laugh track, it isn’t nearly as good as the Star Trek one.

  10. NO. NO. nonono.

    Why are they using TOS style bridge and themesong, but TNG uniforms? Heathens. Goddamn heathens.

  11. haha “an anonymous tweet came in.” okay.


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