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  1. I can’t wait to get home, throw on some pjs, make myself a nice soothing mug of bourbon, and watch this treat.

  2. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve been called out multiple times on having TWO different “I’m not listening/not invested in what you’re saying” catchphrases. I don’t think I’ve ever meant them in a malicious way, nor do I necessarily agree with the characterization that I am not invested in things people are talking. TO me it’s more a placeholder for “I need to say something here, but I have nothing of particular interest to add here.”

    For a while I would say, “Well right on, man,” and before that I used to say something else but I cannot recall what it was, but apparently I would say these phrases often enough to where my friends would notice and start mocking me for it.

  3. This ep OWNED™

  4. If videogum had a catchphrase what would it be? Just kidding. We know it already. It’s “more sand.” duh. #laughtrack

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